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  1. dave17lax

    Can't use any Utilities from an OSX install disk?

    Hi - Our macbook woke up with a blinking hard drive. I went to boot up with a CD and run Disk Utility, and used the install disk that came with our Mac Mini. Instead, it says I can't install on that mac, and all options are disabled. I didn't expect to be able to install from that...
  2. dave17lax

    Apple - two words to consider: "Home Automation"

    Wow, nice bump. I've got a 360 and love the thing. I rarely use it for media stuff, but I know some people who do. Problem is that you have to convert stuff to wmv (and it's not too obvious how to use the connectivity software- it's buggy). The 360 itself has a killer interface, it's...
  3. dave17lax

    Conundrum: Mac won't boot to HD, Safe Mode, Verbose, OR to Install CD

    Keep your women and children away from my troubleshooting skills. It was the graphics card; I had stupidly plugged the monitor into my 2nd graphics card which is headless for the moment. Oh well at least i got a new hard drive out of this. Now to get an IDE adapter so the g4 can actually use the...
  4. dave17lax

    Conundrum: Mac won't boot to HD, Safe Mode, Verbose, OR to Install CD

    apple keyboard but non-apple mouse. also i am using a different graphics card. I've had this setup for awhile and it's been fine, but I'll try to get the original stuff back in. Thanks.
  5. dave17lax

    Conundrum: Mac won't boot to HD, Safe Mode, Verbose, OR to Install CD

    Has anyone ever had a mac not be able to boot from the install CD? I remember having this problem back on my Powercomputing machine, but that was once they folded and driver support started to go away. I've got a G4 Gigabit Dual 500 tower that will not start up. Symptoms: Computer "dings"...
  6. dave17lax

    Gigabit G4 hangs on Apple Logo after latest system update

    Thanks- I ended up running disk utility and had a bunch of permissions get fixed. I'm not sure why it worked but I'm happy - I'm on a deadline. After this weekend I'll probably take a closer look to see if anything else is going on.
  7. dave17lax

    Gigabit G4 hangs on Apple Logo after latest system update

    I recently updated to the latest and greatest itunes/quicktime, as well as OS X system software (through the auto-update). After restarting, the system won't get past the grey apple logo screen. I tried starting up while holding down shift, but that didn't do anything. I'm going to try to run...
  8. dave17lax

    Can you restore?

    I'm about to buy a new macbook for my wife, and was going to switch out the 60 gig HD for a 3rd party 160 gig HD (save money on space rather than buy from apple) Is there a list of any extra software on the macbook that won't be on the restore CDs?
  9. dave17lax

    Dual Monitor Trick?

    I did try rebooting, etc "to cover all of the bases" as you said. Double checked that the Display prefs does not have an Arrangement tab, or even a Gather Windows button. It appears that the rage pro isn't working, as the monitor hooked to it is showing a dark grey screen, like it's on but no...
  10. dave17lax

    Dual Monitor Trick?

    Hi- Is there a trick to using multiple monitors in OSX? I haven't used 2 since OS9, and cannot figure out where the preferences are. I've got 2 graphics cards in the mac [ati rage pro 128 (pci) and ati radeon mac (agp)], all plugged in and everything. I've got a 20 inch dell lcd, and 17 inch...
  11. dave17lax

    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    I believe this is definitely a power user/pro thing to do at the moment. The average consumer won't be doing this, no matter how easy it is. I can't see my mother-in-law trying this out- lol. I think the main people who use Bootcamp will be 1) people that already have windows, and an investment...
  12. dave17lax

    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    Ahh I get it- So yeah, I'm excited because I have to use windows in my industry. I come home from work and have can use the mac, but must then switch computers and do some more work on windows. Maybe it's more efficient to have two computers up than toggling OS's on one machine, but it annoys...
  13. dave17lax

    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    I do think there are a lot of people that would love to get a mac, even ones that aren't developers, designers, etc. I've got 3 people in mind that I told today- not that they will run out and buy one immediately, but it's now on the horizon. I really think that this will turn the mac into the...
  14. dave17lax

    Space not being made after deleting files

    - Yes, have restarted, though after a few hours it slowly took HD space back to zero. (Virtual memory usage increased even though the computer just sat there over night). - I will try OnyX and see if it fits my needs, though I am referring to a bunch of old files and apps that I don't use...
  15. dave17lax

    Space not being made after deleting files

    I only just recently was able to find time to install Tiger, and in doing so get some long overdue maintainance done on my mac. After deleting a bunch of old apps and files, plus a user that wasn't being used anymore, I did an Update- install of Tiger. This pretty much capped my harddrive, but...
  16. dave17lax

    Why such a hate for the iPod?

    1] I have a friend who has huge ipod envy. He eventually bought a mid-grade flash-based player, that was almost $200. For a little more he could've had a HD-based ipod - friend was pc user back in the day before the shuffle. 2] Another friend who's mom uses imovie to create short demo movies...
  17. dave17lax

    Software Update trying to pull a fast one?

    Hi, I just ran into this while messing around tonight. Software Update tried to get the latest version of iCal, but when I tried to download it, it gave me a strange message: Can someone tell me what's going on? If updating iCal really takes 300mb, I don't want it! Why would iCal grow...
  18. dave17lax

    What do people really think about Microsoft Word?

    My chosen profession is in the video game industry, and word is ubiquitous, though hated by most. I think the main thing is that everyone knows that everyone else will have it, so it makes it easy to send between people and companies. The funny thing is that if you are sending a resumé, you damn...
  19. dave17lax

    OS X on X-Box

    I don't think it's pointless, it's like the climbers who risk life and limb to go up a mountain. The people that do this stuff (mostly hobbyists) are more into the challenge of it. May be a little more expensive if something goes wrong though..
  20. dave17lax

    I miss Marathon

    Agreed, seems as if the game was changed to fit into M$ console idea. There are a few FPS games coming out soon (Halo2 included) that are finally taking FPS's back to more story based games. For a long time the story element has been lacking and it seems like people are just getting tired of...