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  1. dave17lax

    Can't use any Utilities from an OSX install disk?

    Hi - Our macbook woke up with a blinking hard drive. I went to boot up with a CD and run Disk Utility, and used the install disk that came with our Mac Mini. Instead, it says I can't install on that mac, and all options are disabled. I didn't expect to be able to install from that...
  2. dave17lax

    Conundrum: Mac won't boot to HD, Safe Mode, Verbose, OR to Install CD

    Has anyone ever had a mac not be able to boot from the install CD? I remember having this problem back on my Powercomputing machine, but that was once they folded and driver support started to go away. I've got a G4 Gigabit Dual 500 tower that will not start up. Symptoms: Computer "dings"...
  3. dave17lax

    Gigabit G4 hangs on Apple Logo after latest system update

    I recently updated to the latest and greatest itunes/quicktime, as well as OS X system software (through the auto-update). After restarting, the system won't get past the grey apple logo screen. I tried starting up while holding down shift, but that didn't do anything. I'm going to try to run...
  4. dave17lax

    Dual Monitor Trick?

    Hi- Is there a trick to using multiple monitors in OSX? I haven't used 2 since OS9, and cannot figure out where the preferences are. I've got 2 graphics cards in the mac [ati rage pro 128 (pci) and ati radeon mac (agp)], all plugged in and everything. I've got a 20 inch dell lcd, and 17 inch...
  5. dave17lax

    Space not being made after deleting files

    I only just recently was able to find time to install Tiger, and in doing so get some long overdue maintainance done on my mac. After deleting a bunch of old apps and files, plus a user that wasn't being used anymore, I did an Update- install of Tiger. This pretty much capped my harddrive, but...
  6. dave17lax

    Software Update trying to pull a fast one?

    Hi, I just ran into this while messing around tonight. Software Update tried to get the latest version of iCal, but when I tried to download it, it gave me a strange message: Can someone tell me what's going on? If updating iCal really takes 300mb, I don't want it! Why would iCal grow...
  7. dave17lax

    Connectivity Boggle

    I had a strange problem tonight that I've never had before. I got home and attempted to load up a web page on the old g4, and got immediate cannot connect errors from Safari. So I tried a few things like rebooting, restarting the router, and checking the plugs. Nothing worked so I began...
  8. dave17lax

    Playlist < 80 min won't burn on 80 min media?

    I recently ripped a CD to iTunes and am now trying to make a copy of it. When I go to burn it, iTunes tells me that the list is too long and that I should split it onto multiple CD's. How is this possible when I got it from only one CD to begin with? MP3 tags and bit rate shouldn't matter...
  9. dave17lax

    Epson Perfection 1670 scanner

    Under Panther, this scanner does not work properly. After previewing and cropping, etc, and the scan is complete, the program crashes. The crash happens before the file is saved, and in every mode the software offers. I went to but the only driver update is what I've already got...
  10. dave17lax

    Hot Corner not working?

    I have had this problem since Jaguar, and it continues with Panther. Every time I want to activate the screen saver, I throw the mouse up into the upper-left hand corner. I have this set as the hot corner that turns it on, and have since the AfterDark days. Since who-knows-when, last year...
  11. dave17lax

    idisk woes

    "This operation cannot be completed because the item file.jpg is in use." What is this? I have created a jpg file and want to upload it to the sites folder in my idisk. I do this almost daily, and have never gotten this error. I tried renaming the file, copying it and renaming, but every time...
  12. dave17lax

    *Off Topic* Dell Ads, Linux

    If America's attention span is really this bad, what is next... Around 6 months ago Dell started some ads with two IT guys. The guys in the ads would say something, and text would pop up showing "what they are really thinking". I can't find an example on the web, but here's one.. "Haven't...
  13. dave17lax

    itunes visualizer after 10.2.8

    Hmm, after installing 10.2.8, I went ahead and finally installed itunes 4.1. Now, when I turn on the visualizer (on small, medium, lg, or full screen) it goes for awhile, then gets stuck. The framerate either goes down to zero in some cases, or a small section of the effect repeats itself in a...
  14. dave17lax

    G4 scsi card/zip drive no bueno

    When I bought my current G4 I got a scsi card from Apple with it to run my scanner and zip drive. Fast Fwd 2 years, once I got on OSX I had to buy a new scanner, and haven't used the zip drive Except that it doesn't work. This may or may not be a software or hardware issue...
  15. dave17lax

    Adding Apple Superdrive to an old G4

    Hey does anyone know where to find a superdrive, and if I can add it to any old mac? Mine is a dual g4, gigabit ethernet model. I am trying to play around with idvd but can't afford a new mac. I am trying to avoid 3rd party dvd burners, so that idvd won't puke when I try to boot it up.
  16. dave17lax

    BEST cheapo printer for OSX

    I am trying to find the best printer for around $100 or less, so far I have found epson's line of c42, 62, 82, but I am not sure what the best buy is. Right now I have an old stylus photo 700 but it doesn't play well with OSX. What's a nice quality ink jet for cheap?!?
  17. dave17lax

    What is this with null?

    Perhaps this has been answered before, but I can't find it after doing some searches. Seems to happen after ichat has been on for awhile.
  18. dave17lax

    For superdrive owners Does it strike anyone as strange that a software update can change the speed of a dvd burner?
  19. dave17lax

    New Apple Font

    can anyone tell me about the new font(s) apple is playing with? In the last couple of months, i've seen at least one new one. One the spec page for the AlBook, the metallic bar has a new one. And, the last frame of the xao ming/minime add, and possibly other ads. The font looks like an update...
  20. dave17lax

    I missed porn and chicken.

    Whatabout that GREAT new Gateway commercial? It has some goober in the background fuddling with some PC, but the cardboard box has a beige G3 on it. touché, and ouch. let me tell you....ouch. PPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF