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    Can't burn DVD's but able to burn CD's

    I have this strange issue the last couple weeks. I have a PowerMac G5 with a built-in Sony DVD burner. I also have a 12" PowerBook and a Lite-On DVD Burner that I've put in a firewire enclosure. Both of these DVD burners have been running fine for over a year. Now all of a sudden I'm not...
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    Windows users can't create folders on root of sharepoint

    I have an Xserve running 10.4.5 Server. There is a sharepoint called Projects. There are 10 users that access this share point. 7 on 10.4.5 clients and 3 on Windows XP Pro. The 3 people on Windows can NOT create or rename folders that are on the root of this share point. If they go on a...
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    Itunes Sharing Error -3259

    I'm having trouble sharing an iTunes library over my wireless connection at home. This error happens on my iMac G5. I can see the shared libary on my PowerBook. When I click on the shared library after about 2 minutes this error pops up. The shared music library " Ray's PowerBook" is not...
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    PowerMail import into Entourage 2004

    Anyone know how to do this? Even if I have to import it into something else first that's cool with me. The problem I'm having is that you can't export the entire database into Entourage format, only into a PowerMail Exchange format. Also exporting of the folders only exports the one...
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    USB Compaq S200 scaner won't work in OS X

    I have a USB Compaq S200 scanner that isn't recognized by Readiris Pro, OmniPage, ImageCapture, or Vuescan in 10.3.2. Apple System Profiler shows Compaq S200 Speed=Up to 12 Mb/sec. Product ID=33 ($21). Bus Power (mA)=100. Vendor ID=1183. Has anyone gotten this scanner to work in Mac...
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    printing from Classic on Panther

    This may seem like a stupid question but in Jaguar I think when I setup my OS X printers somehow Classic saw them too. Printing from a Classic app was magically tunnelled thru the OS X printers. Now in Panther I'm not getting the same thing. It says I have to go thru Chooser and setup the...
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    12" Powerbook hidden RAM

    I just got a 12" Powerbook. There are 4 screws on the bottom where there was a 256mb chip. I replaced that with a 512 chip. Somewhere, I think underneath the keyboard is another 128mb. I wanted to replace that with the 256mb I replaced earlier. Does anyone have any instructions on how...
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    M$ want $930 for you to IM in the office

    I thought this was pretty funny. I was looking for something similar at my office and then I found out iChat supports server money required. from here Microsoft puts a price on its enterprise IM...
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    NetRestore and Carbon Copy Cloner dead?

    Looks like Disk Utility has become Disk Utility + Disk Copy + NetRestore + Carbon Copy Cloner. I successfully restored the image to another volume
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    Where's the Mailboxes in Mail?

    I imported my old account to my new home folder and the Mailboxes icon is grayed out and only inbox.mbox gets displayed. How can I see the other mailboxes?
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    Convert Entourage X > Apple Mail

    Anyone have a tutorial they can point me to on how to import Microsoft Entourage X mailboxes into Apple Mail?
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    FileMaker Aqua theme See the theme in this FileMaker database? It's Mac OS X's aqua. I know that I can download the theme with all the widgets somewhere and I've been googling for a half hour and can't find it. Anyone know where I can download it?
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    Adobe Acrobat Distiller 6

    With Acrobat 6, the PDF 1.5 spec now includes PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3. Anyone know if this replaces the funcionality of the Apago PDF/X-1 CheckUp plug-in?
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    10.2.5 killed Graphite 7

    The 10.2.5 update broke Ashlar-Vellum Graphite 7. There are wierd lines throughout the program now like there is a video card problem. Any one else have this problem?
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    Someone want to make me a couple icons?

    Could anybody make me some cool icons? I partitions hard drives at my company into 3 partitions - system, scratch and work. I want the default hard drive icons and then on top of those a furry jaguar X for the system, a cool jaguar claw that is scratching for scratch and I guess a shovel...
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    You cannot run QuarkXPress on a locked volume. [84]

    I'm running X 10.2.4 and trying to open a Quark XPress 4.11 in Classic and I'm getting the following error. You cannot run QuarkXPress on a locked volume. [84] I thought it was a permissions thing. I ran Disk Utitlity to repair permissions but I am still getting the error. I'm using...
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    Quark XPress 6 Pre-Release

    Here's what's new. INTRODUCTION What?s New in QuarkXPress 6.0 provides a summary of the new features in QuarkXPress? and QuarkXPress Passport? 6.0 software, as well as information about enhancements to some existing QuarkXPress features. For instructions and information on using the new...
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    Cinema Display requires Mac OS X v10.2 or later

    I've heard that there is a hack to get the Cinema Displays to work in OS 9.2.2. Anyone know if that is true? I have some exspensive scanner software (the scanner costs about a quarter of a million dollars) that the company won't be porting to OS X since they have discontinued production...
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    System Error -15

    I keep getting different applications crashing with error -15! I can't figure what is doing it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have installed an image using Retrospect on a few different Macs and they all get the error -15 so I know it's not the hardware.