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    iPhone is basically dead.

    Yea so today I went to the local Apple store and they surprised me and gave me a replacement iPhone. A Brand new iPhone. So I'm happy! Thanks guys.
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    iPhone is basically dead.

    Thanks everyone for the replys. I'm going to give Apple a call tomorrow. Thanks again.
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    iPhone is basically dead.

    Hello all. Well I bought my iPhone 3 months ago. About 2 weeks after it was released. It's been the best phone I've ever had until now. Nothing will work. Nothing shows up on the screen, no buttons work. It won't even charge up, and when I do try to charge it, nothing shows on the screen and...
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    Need your advice: should I trade my iPod video for a iPod classic?

    More like Dark blue and light blue screen :p I personally love the 4G iPods, they don't lag imho. If you can return it... in all honesty return it and get the Classic!
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    My sister bought a PC, just because it was pink!

    Can I punch your sister in the face?
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    My Review: iPhone Rocks

    I just bought the 4GB iPhone. Thanks to everyone for the reviews and input on the device. Can't wait till it comes! - Eric
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    Can I expect a new Mac product soon?

    I am also saving up for a iMac. But I don't want to get one and then have a brand new one come out. Does anybody think they'll be releasing one anytime soon?
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    How clean is your screen?

    It's mostly always clean... except theirs a speck on it that drives me crazy. /me gets screen cleaner
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    My Desktop

    How do you set the transparency for the Terminal?
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    VirtueDesktops 1,2,3

    Can I have a link to the firebird one, and the time background? Very cool.
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    Create a partition

    Yea.. sorry about that post. I wasn't in the best of moods. But thank you for your post, i found out the answers.
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    Create a partition

    No one knows.... Out of the 31512316515 members?
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    Create a partition

    Hello everyone! I am just wondering how to create a partition on my hard drive. I am now running 10.4.8 on it now, and i have a 100GB HDD. Does anyone know of a software thats easy to use and can get this done? Thanks in advance! - Eric
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    my desktop

    I really love that photoshop picture. Would you ever consider making a desktop?
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    Deleting applications in system preferences

    Thank you! I couldn't figure out what the third part software folder was called. Thanks again!
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    Deleting applications in system preferences

    Hello all. I am just wondering how you could delete the applications in the Others group in system preferences. I've always wondered this, but could never figure it out. Thanks in advance! - Eric
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    The Pac-Man icons rule!
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    What's up with Safari?

    Oh heh. Thanks. Dumb moment ;)
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    What's up with Safari?

    I'm on the new Macbook, and this Safari doesn't have tabs. It's only create new window in the file menu. The version of Safari that is running is 2.0.4 My PowerPC has tabs in Safari. I was just wondering what's the problem?
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    iChat problem!

    My girlfriend has this strange problem with her MacBook. Today I installed a wireless router for her, and everything orks fine, except iChat. She is running 10.4.8 at the moment. She gets an error when she signs on, it says it cant find the host.