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    Attaching video/tv monitor to Powermac G5

    A friend of mine keep his camcorder connected to the Mac via firewire like you would to capture tapes. Then he connects teh Yellow/Red/White RCA cables to his TV that are on the camcorder and plays it through that to the TV.
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    Can't burn DVD's but able to burn CD's

    I have this strange issue the last couple weeks. I have a PowerMac G5 with a built-in Sony DVD burner. I also have a 12" PowerBook and a Lite-On DVD Burner that I've put in a firewire enclosure. Both of these DVD burners have been running fine for over a year. Now all of a sudden I'm not...
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    Upgrade server 10.4

    Install Tiger Server on a firewire drive and test from there. That way you can reboot from Panther Server in case there's any issues. I also recommend doing a clean install of Tiger. Don't upgrade your Panther Server install.
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    Slow Network Logons.

    Try what's here with changing the 2 files on each Mac. It's worked for me.
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    Windows users can't create folders on root of sharepoint

    I have an Xserve running 10.4.5 Server. There is a sharepoint called Projects. There are 10 users that access this share point. 7 on 10.4.5 clients and 3 on Windows XP Pro. The 3 people on Windows can NOT create or rename folders that are on the root of this share point. If they go on a...
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    Securing Mac OS X Tiger from immature college kids

    Check out Deep Freeze
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    Can't get Windows XP user to log onto Tiger server

    You shouldn't have to do all that but you can. Are you sure you have Windows/Samba/SMB sharing ON for that share you want them to connect to? That could be your problem.
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    Itunes Sharing Error -3259

    I'm having trouble sharing an iTunes library over my wireless connection at home. This error happens on my iMac G5. I can see the shared libary on my PowerBook. When I click on the shared library after about 2 minutes this error pops up. The shared music library " Ray's PowerBook" is not...
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    tiger - finder

    All this Finder fighting when there has been a great alternative for a while. Path Finder 3.2.2 It blows the Finder away. Version 4 is in the works and will most likely have tabs.
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    Newest known Tiger build: Mac OS X 10.4.3 8F8

    The latest version of Tiger client is unstable and unusable. Tiger Server is much more stable but has plenty of bugs.
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    Carbon Copy Cloner - anything better?

    You have to "scan a disk image for asr" to change it to do a sector by sector copy. If you don't the restore takes for ever. CCC and SuperDuper both scan for asr and disk utility can convert non-asr image to asr ready. Ghost can do sector by sector or byte by byte. You can change it in...
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    Disk Warrior Fails to Start Up 2.0GHZ G5

    ohh well that's confusing.
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    Disk Warrior Fails to Start Up 2.0GHZ G5

    It's such a crock they charge everytime they need to update. Gimme the download for free lemme put it on my FireWire hard drive. Than if I want a CD I'll use BootCD.
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    Virtual Desktops

    I've been using Virtue as of late. It's got more features than Desktop Manager and it's free too. Codetek is definitely the best. You won't find anything better.
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    Weird font characters in OSX Mail & Safari

    I see this problem at all my design clients. Get rid of Helvetica Fractions That always fixes it.
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    custom os x restore cd

    I remember this problem. Easiest solution get a new Mac ;) If this is one of the super old iMacs there is an upgrade card for them that will give them FireWire. That's is what I did to keep around a few 233Mhz green iMacs for some secretaries. I think the card also upgrade the...
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    Entourage & Kerio Mail Server (Exchange): 3 simple questions

    You have emailed Kerio's tech support before posting here right? That would be the first place to start. What did they say? The synch....or not synching as it is in Entourage is normal. There is no way to tell it when to synch which is stupid. Read the help and or the entourage / exchange...
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    Carbon Copy Cloner - anything better?

    CCC and SuperDuper will both get the job done. CCC is more for getting disk images setup in a lab. More of it's preferences are geared toward that. SuperDuper has feature that are geared toward just backing up your system before doing an upgrade. That way if it gets screwed up you can...
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    Tiger as primary system: When?

    Zammy Sam said wonder how you will "update" the system once there is a newer build? Will you need to completely erase the disk and reinstall or would something like SU work? I've partitioned my drive into 3 volumes Panther Tiger Users I changed my home folder in NetInfo to point to...