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  1. MasonMcD

    Airport card with 3rd party wireless hub (NetBlaster)

    I have a PBG4 with an airport card, which I got to replace a HP Omnibook. For the Omnibook, I bought a NetBlaster II wireless card and hub. As Airport is 802.11b, the card sees the Netblaster hub, and gives me signal strength. But the rub is that Airport can't be used concurrently with PPPoE...
  2. MasonMcD

    VPN client Checkpoint compatible?

    Does anyone know of a VPN client that would work in a comparable way as Checkpoint's SecuRemote software client? FWZ encryption, etc. Anyone had any luck getting behind their company's firewall?
  3. MasonMcD

    Problems installing Apache 2 beta

    Supposedly has OS X support out of the box. Anyone know what this may mean, then? When I was compiling Apache 2.0.16, got it after ./build (went fine), ./configure (went fine), on make: /usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols: _apr_create_signal_thread _apr_setup_signal_thread make[1]: ***...
  4. MasonMcD

    Problems installing Apache 2 beta.

    Supposedly has OS X support out of the box. Anyone know what this may mean, then? When I was compiling Apache 2.0.16, got it after ./build (went fine), ./configure (went fine), on make: /usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols: _apr_create_signal_thread _apr_setup_signal_thread make[1]: ***...
  5. MasonMcD

    iDisk mistery update - is OSX ready in the end?

    Means if you have OS X, it's supported in the OS, not a browser. Go, connect to server,
  6. MasonMcD

    debug code?

    I think what most people are referring to as \"debug code\" is routines inserted into proggies that spit out throwaway results as it chugs throught the program. Where a prog. fails is easier to spot if it fails to return a throwaway result. Then a lot of code can be eliminated as a culprit by...
  7. MasonMcD

    my server is screwed up...

    Yeesh. Edit apache.conf Bonehead easy, and it tells you what to do in the commented bits.
  8. MasonMcD

    is os x's webserver enough???

    Once you tick the box to turn on the webserver, surf over to "localhost" or your IP and you'll find the default index has a link to tons of stuff on Apache.
  9. MasonMcD

    StartUpItems vs. (erm) StartUpItems

    One's in /Library, the other's in /System/Library, and they're not the same. Any clues?
  10. MasonMcD

    apple has to port yellowbox to win32 and linux

    Yellowbox is (was) a port of the OpenStep API, not the mac toolbox. (As an aside, the mac toolbox on Windows would be QT on Windows, which basically includes all the mac calls. QT does not use Win32 native.)
  11. MasonMcD

    User Root Exposed

    My jaw is on the ground. I don't know if you are joking, or are sincere and just a moron. Don't do what you did again. Or let anyone think that has *anything* to do with su'ing to root, or gaining access to root privileges.
  12. MasonMcD

    Apache Access Log

    As a stopgap, you could open a new terminal, and pico your log. Just keep hitting the up arrow to keep generating that pico command every time you want to take a look. After control-c, that is. So: pico path/apache_access_log see your results ctrl-c pico path/apache_access_log (via the up...
  13. MasonMcD

    What happened to NeXbar?

    Nevermind. Should have spent more than 15 min looking. ubermind is back up.
  14. MasonMcD

    What happened to NeXbar?

    Looks like someone forgot a registration payment to keep I can't find a mirror anywhere.
  15. MasonMcD

    Disabling animated effects in OS X

    I don't care about it hogging CPU time. I care about it hogging resident RAM.
  16. MasonMcD daily outputs

    Yes, I'm root, but the jobs actually did something a few weeks ago, aside from telling me something was wonky. And I was root then, as well.
  17. MasonMcD daily outputs

    Well, since nobody answered my first question about transferring preferences, I'm hesitant to try another, but here goes. A couple of weeks ago, my Mail started giving me these messages instead of the normal ones, and I can't for the life of me remember what I did. Anyone have a clue what might...
  18. MasonMcD

    Preference transfer

    I can't get my root preferences to transfer to my everyday user prefs. I know there are some things users can't do that root can, but I copy my entire root folder in private/var, stick it in Users and rename it my name (I've also set my system to show all hidden files), and not even my dock...
  19. MasonMcD

    nice, renice...

    Well, all the apps I've reniced to -20 are the apps I work with constantly, like OmniWeb and the Desktop...stuff that I want to steal all the cycles they can because they're part of the GUI or depend on displaying something.
  20. MasonMcD

    nice, renice...

    Well, the default is 0, so I'm assuming they're all 0, unless I change them. When you renice, it returns the previous and new value. It's not like anything will conflict if there are several set to -20, the mach scheduler will just let them duke it out in a round robin fashion, just as if...