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    Can't Delete Erroneous "birthday" From Ical

    Hello to all, I was just reading an email from a friend who proposed us getting together on a certain day next month (July 2015). I clicked on the proposed date (displayed in the email as "- say Monday July 20th", but instead of giving me the option to name and add notes to the new calendar...
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    Need to uninstall Oracle Java 1.7 and restore Apple Java 1.6

    I recently installed Oracle Java 1.7 to test a newer version of some software I use for work (we'll call it app A). I wasn't impressed and am now finding that it causes a major conflict with another tool I need for my job (we'll call it app B). Basically, since 1.7 is now the system default...
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    AppleTV 3rd Gen - Won't connect wirelessly to iTunes and films/TV shows stuttering

    I've had an on-going problem with my AppleTV(s) for over a year. The first one I bought just coughed and died about one year after I got it and all I was told was that I could buy a new one for £49.00 instead of the full price. I got the new one and it was fine until about a week before it...
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    RTMP tool for OSX?

    Hi everyone, Is there such a thing as a Mac-native tool for downloading RTMP streams? I'm trying to download a German-language news video for use with one of my students, but so far have not been able to find a pre-built solution for achieving this. I'm hoping there is something...
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    Confused over folder assignments

    Hello to all, I've got a Gmail IMAP account that I use on both my MBP and my iPhone / iPad. I've noticed, however, that messages I sent from my iPhone / iPad don't show up in the sent items on my MBP and vice versa. After reading a few articles, I think I fixed the problem by expanding...
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    iTunes Add Artwork Has Killed Movie

    I decided to add the DVD artwork for movie I have in iTunes (mp4 format film). I found an appropriate image on Google Images and clicked on Get Info in iTunes, then the Artwork tab and added the image as usual (have done this dozens of times with no problems). Suddenly, iTunes hung for a...
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    Lion Mail Searches Unreliable

    Since moving to Lion a few months ago (MBP died and was given a replacement), I've noticed that Mail no longer has the option to manually select "Message", "From", "To" and "Subject": these appear as options as you type in a search query. I use IMAP, so have been told that indexing isn't...
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    Can't add/import .mp4 videos to iTunes on Lion

    I recently had my MBP replaced after a raft of issues, which means I'm now using Lion rather than Snow Leopard. I was at a friend's house last night and he was telling me about an app he used to use to capture streaming programming from the BBC, but it has since died. We started looking for...
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    Lion Mail/System Settings Buggy

    After my laptop died (under warranty) the other day, I was presented with a new MacBook Pro 15". Great - couldn't have asked for more. However, after leaving my backup disk with the guys at the Genius Bar and getting my new beauty home, I notice a few things: 1. I can't change the font...
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    Change Movie/TV Location in iTunes

    Is it possible (perhaps via an AppleScript) to change where iTunes looks for movies and TV shows without moving the entire iTunes library? I've recently bought an AppleTV setup and have begun migrating all my DVDs and TV box sets to a 1TB external drive. When I want to watch a movie or TV...
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    Memory upgrade reduces disk space?

    I've just upgraded the RAM in my MBP from 2GB to 4GB. Having just rebooted the computer I've noticed that previously I had 188.04GB of free disk space and now I only have 185.92GB. Is this due to an increased virtual memory requirement of something? Thanks, Bowjest
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    Calculating Max Memory

    I'm wanting to upgrade the memory on my MacBook Pro to the maximum amount recognised by the system, but seem to be getting conflicting information from the various sites I've checked so far. Some sites say that the max the system will recognise is 3GB, others 4GB. Is there one reliable...
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    Reusing Automator variable later in process

    I've got an Automator process that I use to run a perl script with a couple of switches. The only problem I'm having is that the file which I select at the beginning of the Automator service needs to be used again later in the same service, but so far it isn't being called the second time...
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    Automator "Launch Application" Causes Error

    Hello everyone, I've created an Automator service to launch an app using - you guessed it - Launch Application. It's to launch an app called Plain Clip that converts text on the clipboard to plain text. I've got the parameters set to not accept input in any application so that I can see...
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    WD My Passport and Time Machine?

    Hello to all, I currently use a LaCie 1TB desktop drive (with firewire) for my Time Machine backups, but was thinking about getting something more portable to do additional backups with (while on the go and as a secondary precaution at home). Has anyone here used any of the WD My Passports...
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    Search a web site with Automator

    Hello to all, I'm trying to refine an Automator service I've set up to search a particular web site with given terms. Here is what I have set up: Ask for Text (entered site search string in "default" field and ticked box for "require an answer") Display Webpages This works fine...
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    How much space for updates?

    I just installed three advertised updates for my MBP: Mac OSX Update 10.6.7 Safari update 5.0.4 HP Printer update 2.6 All in all, about 500MB of data. However, after installing and rebooting I've logged in to find I'm now down by almost 2GB of disk space. Does this sound right?
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    HP Printer Software Update 2.6

    Hello to all, I've had some new updates pop up in the last couple of days with the HP printer update above being the main one I'm concerned about. I bought an all-in-one printer/scanner with OCR HP unit about a year and a half ago and was very happy with it. Then, after I upgraded to...
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    Painfully Slow Login

    Hello to all, A few weeks ago I started experiencing painfully slow login times. By this I mean the amount of time to get a usable desktop after entering my username and password after boot up (up to 30 seconds). If I then launch an app like Firefox, this can take a further 30 seconds to be...
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    IMAP Mail Backups on MacBook Pro

    Hello to all, I've just tried backing up my IMAP mail on my MacBook Pro via Thunderbird 3.1.7, which seems to have worked fine. Under my_user_name/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/profile_ID/ImapMail/account_name/ it has created three entries for each of the folders I wanted to back up...