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    Command Click

    I just found a little something. If you command click on a program in the dock it brings up the program in the finder (ie the location of the program)
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    Carbon support in other than OS 9

    As far as I know Carbon applications are only supported in OS X and OS 9. Isn't it feasable to support Carbon in other versions of the os like 8.6 or 8.0?
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    The Dock and an Application Manager

    It is my opinion that the dock does a good job showing running programs, switching application and throwing things away. But doesn't do a good job as an application launcher. So to solve this couldn't they use the right side of the menu bar? There is nothing there, they could incorporate an...
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    Are requirements attributed to aqua?

    Am I to assume that the steep system requirements are attributed to the aqua interface. (not just the 128 megs of ram, but require at least a G3 and not supporting all PowerPC processors). If this is the case couldn't they make the aqua interface an option and have a less eye pleasing and...
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    X Should not have Classic Mode

    Mac OS X should have the ability to run Classic application without bring up Mac OS 9. They should use a compatibility layer much like Windows NT. The additional time and memory requirement to load up Mac OS 9 under Mac OS X should be avoided. I feel like i'm running virtual pc to run a...
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    Right Mouse Button Under Classic

    Now the right button on my mouse works fine throughout OS X but when I get into Classic running say.. StarCraft it doesn't work. Yet I can boot directly into Mac OS 9 and run StarCraft and the Right Mouse button will work? Has anyone had similar problems?
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    Displaying Memory

    Does anyone know of a way to show what programs are using what memory in OS X? I know it has a new Memory Manager that Manages everything, I'd just like to see what is taking up what.
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    Changing the Font Size

    I've been trying to figure this out. Does anyone know how to change the font size on the desktop? Unless I have the icons to 128 size the font looks huge.