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  1. Frankwer

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is coming soon. Do you have any special gift idea this year?
  2. Frankwer

    Trick Or Treat? Vote For A Movie And Get Free Gift

    Boo! Halloween is here. I think the best way to quickly get into horror spirit is watching a horror movie with family and friends, hearing them screaming on and on, haha I just found the online Halloween campaign and would like to share with you. Just vote for the most classic Halloween movie...
  3. Frankwer

    Powerful Downloader To Save Oscar 2016 Video

    :D:D:DSo excited Leo finally wins his Academy Awards. I've downloaded the 2016 Oscars live stream and watched them again and again. I also downloaded Leo's great movies for his years efforts. You guys may need this useful program as well. Enjoy!:cool:
  4. Frankwer

    A Free Versatile Video Player

    Try this app: 5Kplayer. It's free. I know you won't be disappointed! Link::
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    Compress Mp4 Files For Uploading To Video Sharing Website

    When we want to upload some wonderful videos in MP4 format to video sharing website or transfer MP4 file to portable device like iPad Air 2, it would be hard to finish the task if the video file is oversized. In this case, the only and must-do solution is to compress MP4 to smaller size. After...
  6. Frankwer

    Ripping Dvds To Itunes Yosemite With Handbrake?

    I've used Handbrake for about two years to rip my DVDs. It worked well in the past. But now it keeps crashing especially after I updated my Mac to Yosemite. I've checked on the official website of Handbrake but didn't find any info saying it is compatible with Mac 10.10 or not. Could I still use...
  7. Frankwer

    Giving Blood, What To Expect After?

    I have decided to give blood for the first time in my life. I've read that you can't do much physical activity after and you may feel drowsy the same day as well. I am a pretty active person, guessing I won't be able to go to the gym for a few days after? anything else to expect? also, is there...
  8. Frankwer

    Win Iphone 6/6 Plus For Free?

    I just found there is a free chance to win iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus) for free online. I know the number of the winner is ususually limited, but I still want to have a try, maybe I'm the lucky dog :D The details of the iPhone 6 giveaway are Here what's your opinion about this?
  9. Frankwer

    How to convert video to iPhone 6 Plus?

    Wow finally I could upgrade my mobile phone to iPhone 6 Plus. Bigger screen, high resolution and long standby hours. It would be fabulous to watch videos on it. Only one question bothering me: how I could watch my video collections on iPhone 6 Plus. Do I have to use any video converter software...
  10. Frankwer

    do you use your iphone/ipad on the toilet?

    just curious, do you use your iphone/ipad on the toilet?
  11. Frankwer

    Do you still use your phone while out with friends?

    Many of my friends still look at their phone (browsing website, or facebook creeping) when we are out together. For me, I always keep my phone tucked away when I'm out with other people. How about you? Do you stare at your phone a lot when you're out? Do you consider this normal acceptable...
  12. Frankwer

    Easter is coming!

    Easter is coming. Woo hoo. What do you want to do that and do you have any special memory for the previous Easter?
  13. Frankwer

    Simple steps to transfer AVCHD videos to Galaxy S4

    How to transfers AVCHD and other videos to Galaxy S4 easily: (provided that the output quality could be reserved well.) Here I take macx mobile video converter as an example: Firstly, run macx mobile video converter on Mac, added video files to this program; Secondly, choose Galaxy S4 as...
  14. Frankwer

    opinion on Samsung Galaxy S5

    I just heard that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released soon this month. How do you think about it? Do you think it will threaten iPhone :D
  15. Frankwer

    Free software to convert video to DVD?

    2014 New Year is coming. I just want to transfer the video I shot on my friend's wedding to a DVD disc and sent to her as a New Year gift. Which tool I need to convert the M2TS video to DVD format ? (I use Windows 7). Is there any free software available? Thanks!
  16. Frankwer

    MacX DVD Ripper?

    Just found on club myce that digiarty released a new designed version of its free MacX DVD Ripper . Anyone used it? How does it compare to Handbrake?
  17. Frankwer

    The software helping me play camcorder video on iphone

    I just want to share what software I use to convert camcorder video for playing on my new iphone 5C, that is macx video converter free edition. It can do the jobs as follows: 1. convert all videos like MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, MOD, AVI, etc to iPhone 5C. 2. Trim, crop, merge, add subtitle and...
  18. Frankwer

    Which chocolate is your favorite?

    I like Hersheys-Kisses, Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Cadbury Dairymilk Caramel and Dairymilk Silk. I have too many choices. :DDDD So friends what chocolate do you mostly like to eat?
  19. Frankwer

    Do you think the iPhone 5C is a little bit youngish?

    iPhone 5C has five colors, white, blue, pink, yellow and blue. Yes, I admit that they are beautiful, but I think it is a little bit youngish for me a 27-year-old guy. :D Do you think so?
  20. Frankwer

    Is Handbrake the best video converter for Mac?

    I know many people may speak highly of Handbrake. I just want to get the best video converter for my new Mac Mini (packed with Mountain Lion). When searching the best video converter, I find one article comparing three free video converters including Handbrake, iSkysoft video converter and macx...