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    Quark Express 6 and non-US Englishes

    Just to let you know that if you try to install Quark Express 6 and have a non-US English, such as 'British English', selected as your first language (in the internal system prefences) , then it won't install. You have to select 'English' as your first language to get to install and you have to...
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    Colorsync problems

    I have encountered problems when trying to create a print preview from Internet Explorer and some other Carbon apps. Instead of getting the expected colours I get shades of green and purple. I was told that this is probably due to my colorsync settings. I played around a bit, then bit more and...
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    Local Volumes + Trash on Desktop

    Look at the date and time the posting was made. It is at the bottom left of each posting in the sender's details column.
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    Changing window colour?

    It was the window border I was asking about.
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    Changing window colour?

    Does MacOS X have the ability to change the colour of the Windows in the same way I can do in MS-Windows, or are we stuck with eye burning white? On a smilar note is it me or does the MacOS 9 interface feel little bit more soothing than the MacOS X interface?
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    iMovie to VCD/DVD

    Just looked and the web site is up for sale, but I did find the following: * *
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    USB ISDN Modem

    For your camcorder see if iTunes recognises it. As for your ISDN modem I can't help, except to say that I believe DSL (ADSL, etc) is a bit faster and I think possibly even cheaper - the catch being that it is only faster on downloads, on uploads it is slower. If you want stay with ISDN then...
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    Cost of ownership OSX vs W2000 or NT

    First, uroshnor's comment on waiting for 10.1 and then having a pilot project at work seems a smart move. Next, there are important questions to be asking yourself, including: * What file formats are in common use? * Do you use windows messaging or standard POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols for your...
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    ADLS in France under MacOSX

    If you have a second computer then you may want to check into an ADSL router. Some of them come with a USB connection to connect to your ADSL modem and offer 4 ports for connecting multiple computers. On the othe hand, if you only have one computer, then you might want e-mail Alacatel and ask...
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    C and mySQL problems - please help

    You are probably best off getting yourself onto the mysql mailing list and asking the question there. The mySQL website being at
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    New sounds for OS X

    The version of SoundApp that I am using is a classic app. I have no idea whether there are any native apps that do the same job. In the meantime SoundApp allows you to convert the sounds at ClixSounds into a format that is useable by OS X. If anyone finds an OS X app that does the equivalent...
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    New sounds for OS X

    There are two places to for the sounds file /System/library/Sounds and ~/library/Sounds (~ means home dir). I put my sounds in my user's library/sounds dir. The sounds are in AIFF format with the aiff file extension. Without the extension the control-panel does not 'see' the sound. I got my...
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    Desktop Pictures

    The site for Perl stuff is and Arrays start at 0.
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    Quake just goes black...

    Have any of you guys contacted your graphics card manufacturers to see what their development plans are in relation to MacOS X?
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    Terminal tips

    Yep I just noticed that. I have seen some other implementations of ls include --color switch which allows this functionality to be accessed from any shell. Maybe ls needs to be updated to included this functionality under Darwin/MacOS X.
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    Terminal tips

    I just assumed - doh.
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    Terminal tips

    If you are in sh you have to type: alias ls="ls -F" the -F option is an ls option and has nothing to do with the shell in which you are in. BTW is there a way to have color even when not hitting tab - I have seen this in Linux but I am not sure how it was done there either?
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    2nd mouse button and classic

    Does anyone know how to get the classic environment to recognise the 2nd mouse button . I am trying to play Oni and I can't get it recognise my second mouse button. Control-mouse clicks don't seem to work in other apps either. [Edited by ajmas on 03-24-2001 at 08:11 PM]
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    PPDs are placed in System Folder->Library->Printers->PPDs. I only got MacOS X today, so I can't really tell you whether it works properly, though there is no reason it shouldn't.
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    So I'm running OS X Final...

    I decided to upgrade my machine to 256Mb of memory (up from 128Mb) and I think it was a good choice. With MacOS X's interface it is so easy to forget which applications are open. Oh, and more memory = less swapping.