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    intermittent incoming network access

    No, it is still acting up. I have discovered that if I keep hitting it eventually it will "wake up" and respond. If I continue to give it activity it will stay up indefinitely, but if it is inactive for more than a couple minutes it might drop again. It is very annoying and I am sure that...
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    ace compression

    well? anyone? I tried this: but it did not seem to work with my .ace files. It is a command line utility "unace e filename.ace" is what should be typed in, but it comes back with "unrecognized file" or something like that.
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    Please help.. upgrade to Jaguar caused MySQL errors

    yep - i got the same thing. Command line access is non-existant, but phpmyadmin works so all is not lost.
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    phpMyAdmin, MySQL and security

    try: shell> mysql -u username -p shell> password: ***** That should get you in if all is well with the user db and you're using the correct login. For more info, check out this stuff
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    Mount ftp servers directly in Finder?

    try this: cmd+K and do No, wait - don't do that, it will lock up your system - well that is what it does to mine... Jeez, if its that bad, just don't include it in the OS until it is a little better!!
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    Mount ftp servers directly in Finder?

    HA! I have never seen this work. It asks for my username and password then disappears into never-never land. Looking forward to a working version though - that will be really nice! EDIT: oops - never mind that. I just tried it and it worked, but as mentioned it is read-only... :(
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    intermittent incoming network access

    I have an iBook hooked up via DSL with a static IP. I run a webserver on there for my own use, as well as ftp and ssh on occasion. I have never had a problem getting out when working on the machine. For a while, when using 10.1 I had no problem accessing the machine from work; I could see my...
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    Clock and date resetting to 1969??

    I have had the same problem on a 2001 iBook (dual usb). It may have happened a couple of times, but not recently. I never did figure out what was going on.
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    NEW PowerBook G4 2002's will Kick X-ass

    yeah, I look forward to the day I can utilize the g4!! until then, I will have to put up with the sluggish g3. Funny how a couple of years ago there was nothing faster than a 500MHz g3!
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    NEW PowerBook G4 2002's will Kick X-ass

    megahertz myth aside... by the time we have **up to** 1.3 GHz, the wintel world will be running their entry level laptops at 3 GHz... I am pessamistic, but I am also running OS X 10.1 on a 500 MHz new iBook and it is frikkin slow. I work on a crappy 400 MHz celery machine at work with win...
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    Need to change the default outgoing mail port...

    it is actually the sending port that needs to be changed for me to use my outgoing mail server. I actually have another server I could use that requires the standard port 25, but for some reason will not send mail that way either. I am getting dsl hooked up this week and will...
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    What's your favorite OS X screensaver module?

    none are as cool as the maya paint effects screensaver. Sadly, the OSX version is not as cool as the one for winders.
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    Need to change the default outgoing mail port...

    well, Dradts' suggestion sounded like the most logical and simple, but did not work. I set up a new account and it lets me switch ports, but that does not seem to be working either. For now it will have to be Outlook Express in Classic. Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Need to change the default outgoing mail port...

    I am using the built-in mail program '', and need to use a different port for outgoing mail (108 instead of 143). I tried setting up a new pop account with the mail settings but now it will not send or receive anything. When is outlook express coming to OS X?
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    Need to change the default outgoing mail port...

    I need to use a different port than the default 143, but it is greyed out and I cannot change it. suggestions?
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    Free OSX 10.1

    do I need to show any kind of proof that I own 10.0 when going into compUSA or will they just hand it over? don't want to waste a trip out there...
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    Email and attachments

    I have had this same problem with sending an rtf file. If I sent it to a hotmail account, it will say <attachment missing> at the bottom of the message. However, if I send it back to my account, it will show up. Any fixes for this? maybe I just need to find another e-mail client...
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    To all fellow web developers

    speaking of javascript: I used a script on the intranet page I developed that would use text in the top right corner of the main table to describe the menu items as they were rolled over. In M$ IE, it worked great - I could even use a dummy tag in the table to stick the text into. However...
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    To all fellow web developers

    my last job was developing and maintaining a corporate intranet, so that made it easy: everyone in the company was using IE and Netscape. . I really wanted to send out a local e-mail virus that would delete Netscape from everyone's computers - it was such a pain to support!!