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  1. AndArst

    What would you like to buy?

    Hi, now I am thinking of new clothes because I am tired of old ones. I don't like it anymore but I have no idea what I want. I found's women's fashion Guide and I know which clothes are fashionable and stylish but I don't know what I need the most. It's rather complicated to...
  2. AndArst

    Do you miss your childhood?

    Yeah, I definitely miss my childhood because I didn't have any problems that time. Now I have to read many reviews on essay services reviews club and think about my future. You know this is exhausting.
  3. AndArst

    How do you relax?

    So lately I feel really stressed out and one of my friends advised to start using provacan cbd oil . Today tried it for the first time and I am impressed already. Really haven't thought that it might be that good.
  4. AndArst

    Watch world cup on iPhone?

    I like watching games but sometimes I don;t have enough spare time so when it happens I just check out scores on later.
  5. AndArst

    Can't Enter Bank Details In On-line Order

    This is a strange issue. Usually, there are no problems with watching bank information when you shop online. I do it a lot actually and I've never faced any difficulties. I buy a lot of replicas of branded accessories. And it's hard to find decent shops. Honest review on one of such shops sums...
  6. AndArst

    What is your hobby?

    My hobby is filming videos. Most of all I want to earn money with my hobby. Now the most possible way is being a youtube blogger. I know that I need to buy youtube likes on for a good start but it scares me. I mean, what if I fail and I will not be able to be...
  7. AndArst

    Do you like to read?

    Hello! Yeah. I like reading! Unfortunately, I have little time for reading now because I read a lot of professional literature. Nevertheless, it doesn't help me and I still have to get help from just to get excellent grades etc. It is not very cheap but quite...
  8. AndArst

    Cheap, simple WiFi broadcaster

    When I needed one, found a dirt cheap one online but when I filled in my tampa zip code, turned out that they don't ship to my place. Really a strange thing. Why not to ship the thing wherever a customer needs if you charge the cost of shipping?
  9. AndArst

    Bitcoin/Ethereum/Other cryptocurrencies

    Do you invest in those? And if you do, which coins/tokens do you prefer?