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    10.1.3 optimizing crashed G4...

    Hey all- My Sawtooth G4 locked up while doing the optimization part of the 10.1.3 update, and I had to actually hit the reset switch. Now the machine reports that 10.1.3 is installed, and uname -a reports kernel 5.3, but I'm afraid that I may have messed something up. What exactly does the...
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    linker errors with stl in OSX 10.1.1

    Hey all- Anyone doing STL work with c++ on MacOSX? I'm trying to compile a test program that uses ropes, but I get a linker error: [toad_hall:~/projects/c++] zesty% c++ ropetest.cpp /usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols: __t4rope2ZcZt9allocator1Zc._S_min_len The code is: #include...
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    Can't start Classic since release

    Hey all- It worked in the beta, and I've tried every update that's come out (now up to 10.0.4), and Classic will just not start using the same extensions and control panels that work fine when booting straight OS9. Classic *looks* like it's going to start ... the extensions load, no...
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    Lost telnet ability

    Hey all- Since installing 10.0.1, I cannot telnet into my Mac. Since I primarily use it for unix development, and typically from another machine, this is a bad thing. :( I see that ssh is now up and running (the telnetd daemon isn't running, but ssh is) but I cannot even log in using that...
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    Anyone know about this?

    Hey all- I just got an advisory from my isp regarding anybody who runs any flavor of Unix and uses the NTP (Network Time Protocol ... the ntpd daemon) I'm wondering if this vunerability is in MacOS X as well. Hope Apple knows about it.
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    printer queues anyone?

    Hey all- I have OSX up and running with my printer installed and working (even though it's an HP, I had to configure it as a LaserWriter IINT) and I can print to it just fine from any aqua-based app that has printing enabled. It should be noted that the printer is on my network, not attached...
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    Information about compiling GCC under OSX

    Sorry to say, but if you wanted to create a totally seperate version of GCC under OSX, currently you can't do it. Gotta stick with what Apple gives us for now.
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    lpr in OSX ... anyone have working?

    Hey all- I have a printer on my ethernet network, an HP 2100 TN. It works fine in all gui environments; I can print from any OSX or classic application to it just fine. However, I am not having any success getting it to work with the command line. I have a number of text files, postscript...
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    Unicode works beautifully!

    ...Was on a Japanese website in Internet Explorer, and everything came up beautifully rendered in kanji. Plus, I was able to select the text. Figuring what they hey, I hit copy, then fired up TextEdit and did paste ... and the characters stayed in kanji! This is exciting because NT/2000...
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    Bash 2.04 works in MacOS X ... here's how

    Hey all- In keeping with trying to get everything gnu to work with MacOS X, bash version 2.04 works with OSX. Here's how to build it: go to and grab the tar sources of bash-2.04 (bash-204.tar.gz). do the standard unzipping and tarring in the directory it creates, run...
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    Compiling nethack on OSX

    Hey all- I'm trying to get Nethack 3.3.1 running on OSX, but am running into a problem: It won't find the termcap library. I've fixed all the compile bugs that cropped up (will post a full list when it's all done), but in the linking part, I get the error: /usr/bin/ld: can't locate file...
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    Configuring lpd / lpr?

    Hey all- Wow, and to think all I had to type was ... shoulda looked here first; glad to see a macosx forum. :) Now the question: I have OSX running fine and I want to print from it. Specifically, from the command line. I have a HP printer on ethernet with postscript, and OSX...