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    intermittent incoming network access

    I have an iBook hooked up via DSL with a static IP. I run a webserver on there for my own use, as well as ftp and ssh on occasion. I have never had a problem getting out when working on the machine. For a while, when using 10.1 I had no problem accessing the machine from work; I could see my...
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    Need to change the default outgoing mail port...

    I need to use a different port than the default 143, but it is greyed out and I cannot change it. suggestions?
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    network control panel will not accept input for nameservers

    I have had my system set up from the Darwin days, which means I originally configured everything with config files in /etc. Now I am trying to use OSX 10.0 with internet connect. The problem is that in the network control panel, I cannot enter anything for the nameservers (i can click in the...
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    no backlight on powerbook when waking from sleep

    I hook my powerbook up to a monitor at work, and before OS X final, I could not switch back to the built-in display without shutting down. Yesterday I was excited to find the ability there to switch back and forth, so at the end of the day I put the 'book to sleep to take home. However, when...
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    connecting to webdav server crashes osx

    I did it twice (stupid me...) - i have a server on which I enabled webdav. I can connect to it fine on my win95 machine, but when I tried it with OSX it choked. I opened "Connect To Server" and chose 'web server', then entered the web address "http://servername/dav" which is the location of...
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    Just found an image editing program called PhotoLine for OS X (carbon). Any one else heard of or used it? It has a similar interface to photoshop, but with a $60 price tag and a functioning demo that will actually let you save your work.
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    yet another OS X review

    ok, I know everyone is tired of reading OS X reviews by now but I wrote this one so go read it.
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    another thread complaining about the finder

    when I choose 'Save-As' or 'Save' and get the little box where I am supposed to tell the document where to find a home, I expect the pull-down menu to be a path to the current directory (yeah, like the old mac OS...). Instead, it is a list of "favorites", and "recent places..." I know I can...
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    S...S...Soundj...jjjam skk....ips

    I just downloaded the new soundjam for osX and it plays pretty well for a while then skips... not just a little 'sk.ip' but a 'sk...............................ip'. So I made it load songs into memory and gave it 10 MB to work with and it still does it. This is disturbing. I am going back...