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    imovie 3?

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    hello all: the mergemail concept works in v.X that is, i can take a spreadsheet of emails and compile a generic email that queries the database when sending emails. then, entourage sends all the emails out accordingly. does anyone know if this can be done through mail? i'd like to be able to...
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    m2v exporting

    hi, i was wondering the best way to export an m2v file for use to burning with iDVD. my friend made a movie on a PC, and all he could give me was m2v video and a wav audio file... i used mpeg2decX to convert it and it worked great (that is, quickly), but the quality was very blocky... what's...
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    full screen web browsing

    does anyone know how this is possible in os x?
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    is a phone/pod/mouse combo possible?

    what do you guys think about the article on: that talks about this phone/pod/mouse combo... is there any possibility of something like this existing?
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    how do i know what drive i have?

    hello all: i have a que!fire model # PX-W8432T, but i don't know the specs on it. i checked in itunes, no avail. i checked system profiler, no avail. can anyone help me? thanks, bolindilly
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    .mim problem?

    is there anyway to control how mail sends attachments. i sent an excel worksheet with a .xls extension, and the person i sent it to got it as file.mim what's the deal here? thanks, bolindilly
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    save dialogs: what should be done:

    ok, you know how if you control-click a folder in the dock, you can navigate your hd through that type of menu? well, they should, FOR SURE, add the same thing for save and open dialog boxes when the column view is collasped/closed. i love how little space the dialogs take up when that whole...
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    premiere quites

    hello all: quick issue... i have a sony dcr-pc1 and adobe premiere 6.5 for os x. whenever i try and stop importing video (after i've started, of course), premiere force quits... the camcorder is busted in some manner already (it doesn't eject the dv tape in there)... i was wondering if anyone...
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    microphone and os x...

    hi, i have an xlr microphone (regular studio microphone) i found an xlr adapter that allows for it to record with "any stereo camcorder" since my computer has the same microphone input jack as my computer, do you guys think the adapter will work with my computer? thanks, bolindilly
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    system slowdown...

    i have many macs, and i usually leave them on for a long time. they go to sleep in between, and they'll be fine this way for weeks on end. however, one of my macs is having an issue. if it's been on for a while, the video feedback is slow. it only reacts and updates the screen whenever i stop...
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    imovie 3?

    anyone have any info on significant iMovie updates? i, for one, love it's ease of use, but i'm sick of the crappy title quality. Transitions and video quality could be better too. I've heard stuff about widescreen support, but quality interests me more... any dirt? thanks, bolindilly
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    photosmart and jaguar

    hi all: does anyone know how to get my hp photosmart 1315 to work in jaguar? thanks. bolindilly
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    installer update

    hello, all: i just installed 10.1 on a machine that was os x less. when i downloaded the 10.1.5 update, it tells me i need the installer update. when i try to do the installer update, i can't choose my hard drive to install it on (it's inactive). software update says my stuff is up to date, so...
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    ntfs hard drives

    hi, i was looking through previous threads about this, and no solutions have been offered. does anyone know how to mount an ntfs hard drive on the mac. there are about 50GB of files on this drive, so i can't transfer through a network... any help? thanks, bolindilly
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    scanners in os x...

    i have a umax vistascan. they say on their site that they don't support os x. does anyone know of a workaround/scanners that <b>do</b> work in os x? how long will i be without my vistascan in os x?
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    finder actin' quirky...

    every time i log out or restart in 10, all my folders views get reset. it seems like all my folders can't save their own view ( already tried checking and unchecking making each folder keep it's own view in finder preferences). any help? thanks, bolindilly
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    burning in os x...

    i have a "qps que! 12x10x32" drive, and it worked in disc burner and itunes in 10.0.4. now, it doesn't work in 10.1, or with itunes 2! any help? thanks, bolindilly
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    i posted this in tips/ tricks also, but, ALL should read this! "full keyboard access"

    ok, for those of you who have 10.1, here's a great thing to do: open up system prefs (it only takes two bounces for me), and click on keyboard preferences. click on the second tab, "full keyboard access." Ta-Da!!! From here, you can use the default keys (f2-6) with the ctrl key, or set your...