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    Scheduled Downtime, Fixed //// problem.

    Last weekend, we moved to a \"hosted\" solution, however the hosted solution uses older versions of software than what we need to make our site run properly. We will be moving back to our own servers off a faster internet pipe late Friday, and early Saturday. Thanks, DigiD
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    Posting OS X PKGs Online

    We are considering adding a customized feature to that will allow us to offer a repository for PKGs people have built to install in MacOSX. Please let us know your thoughts on this. DigiD
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    PHP & MySQL Issues (connecting)

    Hello, I have finally got Apache w/ PHP4... and MySQL installed. I dumped my database from my Linux box and imported it into MySQL, and it works beautifully from the mysql interface. Apache is running, and parsing the PHP like a GEM. I have hope of having a portable web server on my Bronze...
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    Beta or Alpha.. You make the call.

    There is nothing BETA about this Beta Release. There are MORE problems with the Beta han I ever imagined there would be. No Airport support, No Appletalk support, needless to say, I haven't been impressed. I paid for ALPHA software, and quite disappointed. I expected bugs and lots of them...