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    Anonymous FTP

    Does anyone happen to have a running ftp server for anonymous users? I'm trying to set up one, but have a few problems. I now have an anonymous user for ftp. And a bin, etc and pub dir with all the correct permissions (i think), but i cannot get "ls" working. I have ls in ~ftp/bin. And this...
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    GUI Front-ends

    Is there someone out there who can tell me how i can program a GUI frontend to CLI programs? I have no idea where to start. My only experience in programming is JAVA. Please help out a starting developer. DJ
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    ScreenSaver does support passwords.

    Yeah, you can get a password lock on your ScreenSaver. Apple just didn't turn it on yet and hid far away in the ScreenSaver Prefs. Go this thread to read how to get it. [Edited by The DJ on 10-12-2000 at 05:40 PM]
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    Visit MacSlash

    I would like to state that i think everyone should visit MacSlash. It is kinda the Apple Macintosh version of SlashDot. I really like it so far.
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    HOWTO for Samba on OSX

    I love Sharity but I stil wanted a Samba server. So after many hours of fiddling around. I have done it. I've made a HOWTO, to save you guys a lot of trouble. You can find the HOWTO here aswell as the binaries, which I have included. I didn't completly test the HOWTO and binaries, cause I...