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    Graphics Market and OSX.

    Running a strictly carbon/cocca OS. No Classic Environment. OSX in the office? Mail, Browser, Database. Output (Lets hurry up with those print drivers) How close are we? Very close. OSX in the production? Office Apps + Industry standard Graphic Suites We are going to have to wait...
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    Terminal Zombie

    No it's not a rock group. I had one terminal open. I went to launch another terminal and got the little swirley hang status icon. Console said: /Applications/Utilities/ kCGSErrorIllegalArgument : windowGroup: error getting ordering group property...
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    Anybody found a use for label?

    I'm assuming Label in the View Options is now a dead issue since we have pictures instead of icons. Any other ideas what it is there for.? A holdover?
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    The Finder

    I wonder how the late great Don Crabb would have liked the new Finder?