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    Voodoo3 PC ROM?

    Hello all! I got a Voodoo3 2000 PCI card for my Mac a while back, and now since MacOS X can't use it, I need to put it in my POS Windows box. By any chance does anyone still have the PC ROM file so I can re-flash the card? Or a link to a site that has it would be wonderful too! Thanks!
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    Anyone get Voodoo3 PCI card to work?

    Hello all, I got one of these cards awhile back, when I thought they would be around longer :/ So anyway, up through 10.0.4 it worked great, now with the 10.1 update, it's dead. Are there drivers on the 10.0 disk I can copy to reactivate it? Thanks!
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    New CPU case?

    Anyone out there move their older mac to a new case? If you have pics, please post them, or email me and I can host them for you. I was thinking about getting a pc case and moving my g3 desktop internals over to that. Is there a company that makes more mac-friendly cases? Thanks!
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    Memory size?

    :confused: Ok, so BestBuy had 128 MB SDRAM for $19.95 with the rebates. I go get me some, get it some, crack open my Beige G3 case... and they're too tall. The gate that covers the fan and the metal of the tray that holds the drives hits the 128 MB DIMM. I have 1 32mb (OEM) and 2 64mb...
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    Anyone got PHP to work yet?

    That's the only thing keeping me from trying this beauty :) I just started learning PHP, and I'd like to use the same OS for my server and "casual" needs. That and drivers for Voodoo 3 cards ;)