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    another dock thingy

    command + click on an icon in the dock to reveal it in a finder window. am i the only one looking for this stuff?
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    Dock Size Snapping

    Hold down the option key while resizing the dock (with the separator)... it snaps to 16,32,64, et cetera pixels. Old 32x32 icons look much better when scaled to even multiples.
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    compiling ytalk :)

    yeah yeah - it's just ytalk... but i'm having trouble with the configure script... it can't find my "termcap library"? termcap and termcap.db are in /usr/share/msic/ i rebuilt the configure script with the latest OS X version of autoconf.... the new script was identicle to the old. any...
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    VNC Server

    At last count we had six different VNC clinets that run in OS X. Has anyone heard of efforts to develop a VNC server for OS X? I'm hoping Apple will implment remote connections to Aqua... or maybe some kind of X11 bridge... but what are the odds.
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    Compiling Postgres 7.0.2

    So - I'm guessing this isn't the best place to inquire about compiling Postgres... even if it is OS X... but here goes :) src/configure needs to know what host I'm compiling on. It can't guess... and it doesn't accept anything like 'powerpc-apple-macos' or 'macppc' in the --host argument...