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    Need some direction

    This may be the wrong area but can anyone point me to a website or man page that describes compiling source code for a beginner? Any help appreciated.
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    There are LUGs, MUGs... Will there be XUGs

    Hi, I live in the bay area and sometimes go to BLUG and used to be apart of PMUG (portland). I was hoping that because of the complexity of BSD there might be a XUG in the works and if not if anyone would be interested in starting one? I will what little knowledge I have and time to...
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    Email Campaign For Macromedia This is a little self serving, but I hope others out there are in the same situation. I develop web, banners, and flash using Macromedia Products and now that I can also host dynamic web pages using OS X I want to start an email...
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    233 Beige G3 running fine all the time

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! I have this running on my original Beige G3 as my primary os, running PHP4.02, MySQL and apache!!!!!!! Now i don't need my linux box anymore i can develop and host on my Mac WOOO HOOO!!! This is what I and a lot of other web developers have been waiting for! I will...
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    Need help setting groups

    First off OSX is truly a great operating system... That said does anyone know how to set groups? Like the old users and groups. I can setup users fine, I now need to asign them to groups. Any help would be greatly appreciated.