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    USB Printing (HP)

    Does anyone know if these drivers will work with an HP 2100M with the USB addon card? ~Blake
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    Switching Disks

    I have an interesting problem. I installed OSX on the second partition of my original HD in my machine. Today I bought a second HD. For reasons of space and speed, I want OSX running off of the new second HD, but I don't want to reinstall from scratch. it hasn't been long but I've already...
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    AOL with OS X?

    Until AOL releases a Carbonized or Cocoa version of their Mac Software, AOL will only be able to be run from 'classic' in MacOSXb. I'm unsure of how well it will be able to access the modem for it's own connection. However if you access AOL via another internet connection (AOL's 'bring your...
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    Built in MP3 player

    I've read about a Apple Supplied MP3 player on Mac OS X beta? Does anyone have any screen shots of what it looks like? Notes on how it operates. Please post any info you have. ~Blake