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  1. BjarneDM

    Compiling Postfix with MySQL support for Mac OS X client

    This guide has the pre-requisite that you've installed MySQL as described here: Create and enter the folder we'll use to build from: mkdir -p ~/WebServer/Postfix cd ~/WebServer/Postfix In the above folder save the following as...
  2. BjarneDM

    Compling MySQL for Mac OS X client

    The version of MySQL you can get from the MySQL homepage doesn't seem to have the shared libraries needed to enable PHP to connect to MySQL. Thus, we'll have to compile MySQL ourselves. Create and enter the folder we'll use to compile from: mkdir -p ~/WebServer/MySQL cd ~/WebServer/MySQL...
  3. BjarneDM

    Compiling PHP5 for Apple Apache 1.3

    I've recently had a support question on how to compile PHP5 with gd as the 4.3.11 included with Tiger doesn't have that library activated. A pre-requisite is of course to install the complete Apple XCode environment -otherwise you won't have any compilers installed and everything will fail...