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  1. VGZ

    Yet another hidden feature.

    Check this page at ResEx. I can't help but wonder how many other hidden features there are in X:).
  2. VGZ

    Airport: desktop as base station.

    I'm thinking of getting an iBook or TiBook and set up an airport network. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to set up a desktop computer (like my G4) as a base station in X. Any confirmations on this would be appreciated. Thanks,
  3. VGZ

    Here's an idea for a feature request we all could use.

    I would like to see an app for Mac OS X that lets you set what program opens what extension or file type. I know this can be done from the info window but it would be nice to have it centralized into a single app. It could function in much the same way as file exchange under 9.
  4. VGZ

    Would you buy a Newton if it was re-released?

    There have been some rumors about a new Newton. If Apple released a new Newton that worked with Mac OS X would you buy it?
  5. VGZ

    Sound problems.

    I have had my sound die on me recently while playing music with iTunes. Does anyone know how to reload the sound driver/kext/daemon or whatever it is w/o having to restart the computer? Thanks in advance for any help,
  6. VGZ

    Kernel Extensions....

    Use this thread to post what the various Kexts in X are used for. Post any that you know about. This will help everyone out.
  7. VGZ

    nib file goddness

    If you look in /System/Library/Preferences and cntrl-click on dock.preference and show package contents. If you look at the DockPrefExt.nib file under /contents/Resources/[b]YOURLANGUAGE[/].lproj yu will notice that the pinning options are in the menus. Just something interesting to know.
  8. VGZ

    Animated icons in the Dock.

    I was just thinking that the Print Center icon in the dock should animate when printing so that you could have visual feedback when something is printing. This would be useful for situations where the printer is in another room like on a network. In 9 the desktop printer icon would put a...
  9. VGZ

    What is your ISP?

    Just wondering.
  10. VGZ

    Linus is a moron.

    There is an article on MacNN about Linus Torvald. He states that Mac OS X is crap. I have used Linux and it is crap if you compare it to X. Linus is probably scared of X so he is spreading FUD.
  11. VGZ

    Review: Cronnix: good idea, bad implementation

    I was trying to use Cronnix to set up some events on the crontab on my computer and noticed that it doesn't work because it doesn't actually edit the crontab file. If a user doesn't have a crontab it doesn't create the file and it gives no error. I am not trying to bad mouth the software, I...
  12. VGZ

    Multiple domains to one ip to multiple sites on the server.

    I have just gotten 2 free domain names that point to my (PPPoE and therefore non-static) ip address. I would like one to point to my ftp and webserver while the other points to the hotline server I am running. Any suggestions on how to configure this? Thanks,
  13. VGZ

    Auto transfer.

    I'm talking about the pages that show up when you post, search, etc. I can't stand them. Anyone else want them removed?
  14. VGZ

    User Ranks.

    Should we have more ranks? Admiral jokingly suggested su member and root member for 300 posts and 1000 posts respectively. What do you think? Add other suggestions here.
  15. VGZ

    Admin abilities.

    What do you think the Admin user's abilities should be?
  16. VGZ

    Kensington Mice

    Well Kensington has released a beta of their mouseworks software for X. I am currently using an M$ im explorer. I doubt that M$ is ever going to support X with the mouse drivers. Should I switch to a Kensington mouse? Hope this software is helpful for those of you using Kensington mice.
  17. VGZ

    What is nfsiod?

    I just looked in the process viewer and noticed that root has 4 copies of it running.
  18. VGZ

    Valid file extensions?

    Shouldn't the valid file extensions for the attach file field include .sit, .tgz, .dmg, etc. This is a Mac site after all. Just a suggestion,
  19. VGZ

    Pop-up Windows

    Though not something i would use personally there are a lot of you on this forum that want pop-up windows. Someone has created an app to do this. Look on Version Tracker and you will find it.
  20. VGZ

    To intel or not to intel

    I say no way but what do you think.