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  1. zerologic

    OSX (Darwin) PHP/pear problem FIXED.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have successfully built Apache 1.3.17 and PHP 4.04pl1 as a DSO on Mac OS X Public Beta 1H39 (AKA Darwin). The problem was that the configure script for PHP was trying to create a file in the ./pear directory named 'pear' where a directory named 'PEAR'...
  2. zerologic

    Yet another...

    I have another one... this time running X Windows with the Window Maker window manager. :)
  3. zerologic


    Maxter was released yesterday. A fully Cocoa Napster client that does long file names! WOOHOO!!! Check on
  4. zerologic

    One busy Mac... That was a fun one. I even had Classic open with Outlook Express. After I took this, without closing a thing, I opened Photoshop and converted the .tiff into a .jpg Mac OS 9 would have died somewhere in that process. I LOVE X! [Edited by zerologic on...
  5. zerologic

    Classic and TCP/IP with X dialup.

    Has anyone tried this yet? If you follow Apple's instructions, you're supposed to set your Network control panel in X to No Connection. Then you dial up, and Classic inherits X's TCP/IP settings. It doesn't work for me. :( Michael.