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    iPhone is basically dead.

    Hello all. Well I bought my iPhone 3 months ago. About 2 weeks after it was released. It's been the best phone I've ever had until now. Nothing will work. Nothing shows up on the screen, no buttons work. It won't even charge up, and when I do try to charge it, nothing shows on the screen and...
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    Create a partition

    Hello everyone! I am just wondering how to create a partition on my hard drive. I am now running 10.4.8 on it now, and i have a 100GB HDD. Does anyone know of a software thats easy to use and can get this done? Thanks in advance! - Eric
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    Deleting applications in system preferences

    Hello all. I am just wondering how you could delete the applications in the Others group in system preferences. I've always wondered this, but could never figure it out. Thanks in advance! - Eric
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    What's up with Safari?

    I'm on the new Macbook, and this Safari doesn't have tabs. It's only create new window in the file menu. The version of Safari that is running is 2.0.4 My PowerPC has tabs in Safari. I was just wondering what's the problem?
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    iChat problem!

    My girlfriend has this strange problem with her MacBook. Today I installed a wireless router for her, and everything orks fine, except iChat. She is running 10.4.8 at the moment. She gets an error when she signs on, it says it cant find the host.
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    Front Row music

    Hello everyone! I would just like to know if there was a way of changing the music that plays in the background in the photos section. If anyone knows, a response would be greatly appreciated! - Snaffle
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    Software to take off songs on iPod

    My girlfriend gave me her cousins iPod. Supposedly in iTunes 7 you can have multiple libraries. 1st of all how do you? 2nd of all does anyone know of a software that will take the songs off the iPod so i can burn them to a disc to give to her? (She lost her music library)
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    .AVI to DVD converter

    Hey, I am looking to convert a .avi movie onto a DVD. Does anyone know of any applications that does this? I need one that will work for a mac.
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    new iPod?

    Hello! I've been wanting to get myself a new iPod, needing to upgrade from my 4th gen. I'm wondering if I should wait and see if Apple is putting out a new iPod any time soon? Or should I just go out and buy one now? Does anyone have any infomation on this? Thanks in advance! - Eric
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    2 iTunes librarys?

    Is their any way to attach another iPod to a computer with another iPod already attached? And not have any problems with them. Can you have mulitiple iTunes librarys? Thanks in advance! - Eric
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    Research Paper

    Hello everyone! I have to write a research paper on an upcoming project for my senior year. I'm not to sure on my topic for the paper yet. I was look towards comparing operating systems, involving Linux. For example, one idea was to compare the stability between SuSe Linux vs. Windows XP or...
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    Post a pic of your mac setup!

    Post! Post! Post! ;)
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    wma to aac or mp3 converter

    Does anyone know on where I could find a wma to aac converter? I just recently went to a Mac a couple of months ago. So all my music files are either wma or mp3. Any help is appreciated! :)
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    Ipod networking update?

    Hi, I'm coverting my iPod to Mac right now. When I try to install the iPod install software, it gives me an error that it can't download because I need the Mac OSX Networking update. Do you have any idea on how I may get this update or try to work around it? I have installed this on my PC...