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  1. fryke

    iMac 20" early 2008 no longer booting

    There are several things to consider and try. The first thing, even in 2019, is to "clear the PRAM". Start the computer and immediately hold down Command, Option, "P" and "R". Keep them held down, until the iMac's boot sound appears for the third time. Then let it boot. If that doesn't work...
  2. fryke

    macOS Catalina (10.15) – What happens to iTunes' Library?

    That one's a little easier. We know from the presentation that instead of iTunes, now the Finder will be responsible for synching your devices with the Mac. Worst case scenario here: It won't see your device's backup history and you're starting with new backups through the Finder. But basically...
  3. fryke

    macOS Catalina (10.15) – What happens to iTunes' Library?

    I haven't got access to a build yet, and a fear is starting to slowly kick in... I remember when Photos replace iPhoto, and macOS created a duplicate of the photo library, basically, so at least until the user cleans everything up, he or she needs enough disk space for two libraries. Not sure...
  4. fryke

    Sierra And Apple Mail

    Generally sounds like some sort of preferences issue to me. (Create a test user if you don't have one, add an E-Mail account to and see whether the problem appears there, too.) If, as I suspect, the test user would be fine, I'd go about removing preference files for The most...
  5. fryke

    Timecapsule (and Airport Extreme) Disappearing Act...

    That's what I said and did. :) I'm not sure whether I should activate it again after a future software update for the AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule. I seriously don't want to wait months and months until I can access my iMac from outside the home again... :(
  6. fryke

    No Proxy Setting Question: Security And Speed

    The only security issue between Auto Detect an No proxy I can see is that theoretically, someone could enter your network and provide a (fake) proxy somehow, which your client then might pick up. Since you're probably going to use different networks from time to time (at least on a portable...
  7. fryke

    Timecapsule (and Airport Extreme) Disappearing Act...

    Heya. It's been a while since I created a new thread. I've been using macOS Sierra for maybe two weeks (last beta and then GM versions), and today I noticed something strange: My devices asked for the network password, which should've been saved anyway. After that, I decided to look at the...
  8. fryke

    Bonjour Print Wizard Can Not Find Any Printers In Windows10

    If it worked once, it could simply be what I call a "hiccup". I'd give it the old "turn it off and on again" for everything, i.e. router, Wi-Fi Hotspot, computers, printers, tablets – everything.
  9. fryke

    Iphone Music Not Syncing With Macbook - Ios 9.3.2

    Well: Another option would be to make sure you have a backup of the phone and restore it. Sometimes things can go awry, and a restore should (or could at least) make things better. Worst case scenario: Restore and set up as a new device. This is the uncomfortable version, because you'll have to...
  10. fryke

    Iphone Music Not Syncing With Macbook - Ios 9.3.2

    What does the error report say within iTunes? If something is set to be synched and can't be, there's usually an error message detailing the problem. Otherwise, music simply isn't set to being synched (for example, if you're using Apple Music).
  11. fryke

    Apple's New Format Apfs

    Yes, and that's basically what they're doing here, by creating a well-scalable system. As they say: "From the watch to the Mac Pro." Or something like that. (Even the watch, of course, has far more "disk space" than the earliest Macs did.)
  12. fryke

    Thunderbolt Display Discontuing

    At this point, I'd seriously consider to wait.
  13. fryke

    Thunderbolt Display Discontuing

    They probably still have some stock and have calculated how long the stock should last. The replacement product would _probably_ include Thunderbolt 3, which currently no Mac supports, so a pre-announcement would have been too early. On the other hand, if a customer has been looking for anything...
  14. fryke

    Apple's New Format Apfs

    They definitely needed to create this. Whether it's the "perfect" solution for the future remains to be seen, but the fact that we're currently on "HFS+ Extended Journaled" should tell you that it's a newer version of an old thing with something tacked onto it, for which it wasn't originally...
  15. fryke

    Photo Edition - Any app. like MS Photo Editor?

    Since this thread is now alive again: Pixelmator (App Store) is a great Photoshop alternative for the lower budget. Good support on iOS and OS X. For an old Photoshopper, many things are a bit different, other things are just where you expect them to be.
  16. fryke

    The New Look

    Though I personally like teal as a colour, and it even seems to fit my age-old Avatar just fine, I think it doesn't say "" much. (Also doesn't fit my T-shirt I'm still proudly wearing from time to time.) ;) So... I'd go to a blue colour scheme, personally.
  17. fryke

    Apple Teamviewer

    A bit late, but: It lets you help someone do stuff on their PC/Mac by showing you what's on their computer screen. You can control their computer if they give you access. We use it for remote support at our Apple Service Provider.
  18. fryke

    Outlook On The Ipad Future...

    I've had the chance to test an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. It's a fantastic experience to draw with it on the iPad Pro. However: The iPad Pro, for me, could never replace a "real Mac" with iOS 9. Too many tasks in my daily life include using multiple applications at the same time (or rather...
  19. fryke

    Open Folder In New Window Back In El Capitan?

    One thing you can do is throw the Finder's preferences out, which effectively starts the Finder with the default values again. You should find the file in ~/Library/Preferences as Also, there is a switch in Finder's preferences window that lets you choose between opening...
  20. fryke

    Did You Get One?

    I bought the steel version with link bracelet. It's a wonderful gadget that has three major advantages for me: 1.) My iPhone can stay in my pocket more often, because a quick glance can confirm that an alert is nothing that needs my attention right now. 2.) I sooooooooooooooooooooooo like...