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  1. iamnoel

    osX background & login, boot panel(s).

    Ok, I've got an issue here: I've got login panels, boot panels, etc. & the option to overwrite them; only I've got no info on how to overwrite that off-blue background in osX. I'd like it to be white, for instance, instead. Noel
  2. iamnoel

    GoLive in osX

    Ok, is GoLive 5.0 opening for others in osX/Classic or not? I've got it installed, & generally go into OS 9.1 to open it; but it isn't opening for me otherwise in osX.
  3. iamnoel

    osX Internet connection gone.

    I've got an issue getting online in osX. It's very odd, but I'll give an overview of it: In osX, I've got no outgoing Internet connection. I'll open OmniWeb, for instance, goto a link, & it gives me nothing. On the other hand, if I open Classic, I've got no issues & I'm online (not in osX...
  4. iamnoel

    ftpd: illegal option

    I've got an issue getting ftp to open for me. I've got it on & if I go to log into it I get the following: 'ftpd: illegal option -- a' I've looked for info on this, & the impression I've gotten is I'm the only one it's occurring to. I'd be very grateful for any info... Noel
  5. iamnoel

    overwrite Finder icon...

    One thing I've got left to do is overwrite the icon that opens the Finder (i.e., the one on the left ;). I've only gotten one idea, & not a very good one: I opened Finder.icns in Iconographer (it *is* the icon, only I guess it's not the one I'm looking for), greyscaled it, overwrote the file &...
  6. iamnoel

    In order to view .files

    I'd be very interested in getting a list of the options I've got in order to view .files in the Finder (I've only found one via a link I got off