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  1. blue&whiteman

    Half my display is a big black bar

    You're right! My mistake. I was only thinking of the G5 iMacs which are extremely easy to open. I still say the white Intel are easier to open vs the aluminum. I wasn't trying to throw experience around at all. I have more pride in my beloved G4 towers than I ever will in myself. :)
  2. blue&whiteman

    Half my display is a big black bar

    It was your idea in the first place but it is a good one IMO. I guess you could get through an install with half a screen but maybe not a novice. I know from experience (I'm an ACMT) that the white G5 and early Intel iMacs are much easier to get into than the newer aluminum/glass iMacs. A...
  3. blue&whiteman

    Half my display is a big black bar

    Regardless of that the internal is almost dead. Better to just cut the connection to it to save the heat and power. For things like installing the OS just access the iMac drive in Target Disk mode from another Mac and install that way.
  4. blue&whiteman

    Half my display is a big black bar

    +1 on opening it up just to disconnect the internal screen. It will both lower heat inside the iMac and put less strain on the power supply. The 17" LCD would use approx. 50-65 watts.
  5. blue&whiteman

    Half my display is a big black bar

    Since it's obviously not the GPU if the external screen works perfectly I would simply treat your iMac like a tower for the rest of it's life. You could even put the iMac on the floor or to the side now since you only need access to the optical drive and connections.
  6. blue&whiteman

    need to resize pic

    Preview is great at basic stuff like this and few even know it can do more than just view images and pdf. If you ever want a lot more editing capability but without shelling out hundreds for photoshop give Pixelmator a try. Normally costs about 40-50. iPhoto is good for organizing photos but...
  7. blue&whiteman

    AVI Movie Files

    Your best option to edit video you cannot in iMovie is to use Quicktime Pro combined with perian. You will only be able to do basic edits but it's very user friendly. Your best converting option is Handbrake. It has many Apple-centric presets. QT Pro does ripping also but Handbrake is much...
  8. blue&whiteman

    giving a nickname to an application?

    ElDiabloConCaca's kung fu is very good.
  9. blue&whiteman

    Question about restoring from a Time Capsule backup

    Since 10.5 and 10.6 are so close you should have little to no issues with your plan. Once running your apps on 10.6 check for updates on everything you use but even your PowerPC apps will run fine. I would say that 10.5 - 10.6 was about the easiest OS transition Apple ever had even though...
  10. blue&whiteman

    Disable intrusive background processes

    Never bothered using Chrome since I still mostly compute with PowerPC. I'm a bit of a Camino loyalist with a dash of Omniweb. I have a C2D mini on my TV that I do a bit of browsing on now and then but still use Camino and Omni. I love gmail and google earth but other than that I have no...
  11. blue&whiteman

    Disable intrusive background processes

    Most Mac apps include a preference to turn auto updates off. I personally prefer to manually check on all apps (and only if I feel an update will help) for updates.
  12. blue&whiteman

    Apple Mail 5.2 problems

    On some rare occasions I have seen Mail and Keychain Access have issues with outgoing mail and getting the password to it. The symptom on these occasions was either asking for a password it already had or just not sending and going to an error rather than asking for the pass. As midijeep...
  13. blue&whiteman

    Why is my Dock size locked?

    This may sound like a dumb question but have you tried a reboot? What OS by the way? Lion?
  14. blue&whiteman

    Why is my Dock size locked?

    Best way to resize the dock is just click and hold on the divider between the apps and folders/trash area and drag toward the bottom of the dock to make it smaller. If that doesn't work then my guess is some sketchy 3rd party code messed it up somehow. If so you need to restart the dock by...
  15. blue&whiteman

    Tiger Quartz 2D Extreme Disabled?

    I have read that the tiger gold master ui is about 50% faster than panther in some ways. maybe this is why there is no QE. not needed maybe..
  16. blue&whiteman

    Totally uninspired by Tiger

    wow. its like we are the same person.. I totally agree with everything you said.
  17. blue&whiteman

    Tiger requirements

    when tiger was previewed last year and till recently it included dvd drive (whether a combo or superdrive) in the req. listings and now it does not say that. this is meant to suit those few with a firewire mac but no dvd drive.
  18. blue&whiteman

    newest tiger build performance?

    i'm wondering if tiger is worth buying at the end of april. I know there are a lot of great new features and improvements but I only want them if performance is up to par or even past where panther is. I have a G4 500 with 1GB ram and need an os that will give me the most speed. I guess my...
  19. blue&whiteman

    Blue and White G3 - OSX or OS9?

    good point but those are 350$ US. plus if altivec is well used by an app then a G4 of half the speed or less can beat it. a guy on spymac with the 1.1 G3 said high res/high frame rate video was a tad choppy in vlc and mplayer(which are both altivec apps). my G4 500 zif never skips a frame...
  20. blue&whiteman

    Blue and White G3 - OSX or OS9?

    exactly. some even have troubles with one. the rev. B board was better and because of that it was used in the first G4 powermac (yikes) fastmac now has G4 500 zifs for 99$. think it ends soon so if you can upgrade now.