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    Problems with iChat & Rendezvous

    Situation: -2 G4 computers both with two ethernet cards - one hub connected with a cable modem and both G4 computers (IP adress with DHCP) to access internet -one private network with a hub connected with both G4 computers (IP adress entered manualy) Problem: iChat can't find the other...
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    Dreamweaver MX,WEBDAV and jaguar

    I've installed WEBDAV on OS X 10.1 and it was running fine. After upgrading to jaguar, Dreamweaver MX started to have problems with WEBDAV PUT,GET,CHECK IN and CHECK OUT works for any file but when I use GET for a .html file, Dreamweaver gives the following error: "HTTP ERROR 200", and...
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    DHCP version

    Hello, I'm connected to the internet via the DHCP protocol. I have problems connecting to the internet with IE or Mail, after I have switched operating systems and have restarted.An IP address shows up in the TCP/IP panel,but IE or mail can't connect to a server.After restarting the system 2...