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  1. blue&whiteman

    newest tiger build performance?

    i'm wondering if tiger is worth buying at the end of april. I know there are a lot of great new features and improvements but I only want them if performance is up to par or even past where panther is. I have a G4 500 with 1GB ram and need an os that will give me the most speed. I guess my...
  2. blue&whiteman

    For Sale: 256 MB RAM (2x64 1x128) PC100

    For Sale: 256 MB RAM (2x64 1x128) PC100 all works perfectly and will run in any beige G3, all in one G3, blue and white G3 or yikes G4 (pci graphics model) 20$ you pay shipping msg me or leave a post here if you're interested. thanks
  3. blue&whiteman

    firefox + trouble

    i'm using an altivec accelerated firefox 1.0 and every time I go to it loads the page then I just get a spinning beach ball just within ff. no other pages do this. 10.3.6 on the system in my sig. any ideas?
  4. blue&whiteman

    who agrees that macrumors blows?

    its the bestest ever. they love censorship so much that its an art form for them. its their way of expressing a microsoft-like death grip on their users. such a super forum! :rolleyes:
  5. blue&whiteman

    rack mounts for G4 towers

    I can't think of the name of the company that makes those racks to stack G3 (b&w) and G4 towers in. i'm sure someone knows what I mean. they hold them at each of the 4 handles and can be mounted sideways or vertical. been googling for 30 min and still no luck. :(
  6. blue&whiteman

    booting from raid

    I have a wd 120gb 8mb cache and would like to get another. will the built in raid capability in disk utility allow me to create a raid that I can also boot from? obviously I will need an ata 133 pci card as a raid on my logic boards built in ata 33 will be limited. i'm new to raid so any...
  7. blue&whiteman

    my most recent mod

    here are some pics from the mod I did to my upgraded blue & white that is now a black and white.
  8. blue&whiteman

    safari won't let me change its icon

    I am running 10.3.5 with safari 1.2.3 and for some reason I cannot change the app icon. I have gone into the info panel and unlocked and done everything needed for it to allow changes and still nothing even after I entered my password. I even repaired permissions and still nothing. ideas?
  9. blue&whiteman

    what dvd media is most reliable?

    today I am going to be buying a pioneer dvdr drive because I know they are best (when it comes to macs at least). i'm wondering what blank media has little to no coasters. my liteon cdrw only gives me coasters on cheap media. i'd say its about 5-10 disks per 50 spindle that fail if they are...
  10. blue&whiteman

    safari vs. firefox: security

    I would like some thoughts on how secure you all feel safari is. we all know firefox is very secure but I hardly ever see anything about safari security being good or bad. I prefer safari in many ways and would rather use it as my sole browser but till I know more about its security I feel...
  11. blue&whiteman

    can't boot os9

    for the last while I have not been able to boot os9 on my blue G3 with a G4 500 cpu. I can boot panther and 8.6 no problem but os9 for some reason freezes right when the desktop pops up after startup. I can use classic via the os9 system folder no problem. the os9 install disk is 9.2.1 and I...