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    iTunes and remote volumes

    It is very easy to use iTunes to play songs on a remote files system, by just mounting that volume and adding the songs to your library. If you then set your iTunes Music Folder to that remote volume, anything you add will obviously be copied to the shared location. One problem I have had...
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    SOCKS help needed

    It's been a while since people asked, and recieved no (public) answers, so I guess I'll ask again. I am wanting to use terminal CVS and its GUI CVL as well as being able to FTP / SSH etc from my Mac at work. Unfortunately we use a Socks firewall so even though I have set up the socks part...
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    New Drawers Please

    I don't usually post topics commending stuff, however I downloaded Drop Drawers X yesterday and well it seems to solve some of the things I would like to Dock to do. Be available on any side of the screen and be able to contain a 'folder of...