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    We need simple things !!!

    What's funny to me, having been a long time Wintel user until last year... Is the lack of some of the simple things... My main grip at the moment being plain John-Doe code/html editors with the most complexity being syntax color coding, nothing more..... I used HomeSite in Windows for years...
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    Will Pay For RB Control !

    I'm getting sick here trying to learn C++ using CodeWarrior on the fly.... I'm a RB and VB type of guy! I need a REALBasic EditField Control with the following properties... Multi-Line "WITH OUT WORD WRAP" and has horizontal along with vertical scroll bars... Pretty much I'm trying to create...
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    Wow memory shows with OS X

    Just a note.... I had 192mb on one system running X and swaped out a 64 with a 128 to bring me to 256, normally under OS 9 this small jump in memory would only show via more applications can be opened or able to give more to one specific app.... Well, my observation wiht X is... WOW... you...
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    VNC on X

    Anyone know by any chance if someone is working on a port of VNC over to OS X ?
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    IRC apps... JediKnight ?

    I can't even get JediKnight to work, so I downloaded IRCStep .57 ... works but I can't read a darn thing because the text in the chat window is at size 6 and if I open the Fonts panel and select a different size it seems to only effect every other line ... What's the deal ? I need Mirc for X...
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    Sharity issues

    I'm wondering if anyone else has been trying out the new beta of Sharity for OS X... Seem to work and all, but shares that are larger than 1.99 gig will not show up, well, better said as the share is visible but when clicked on.. reports 0 items, meaning sharity knows the share is there but can...
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    OS X Stability and Internet Exporer

    Well, I'm very amazed at how the system just simply stays running... With the exception of system preferences crashing twice causing me to re-install when I first got the CD... it's been really amazing.. now that things are running on a good install, I'm starting to get a level of comfort I've...
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    System Preferences Crash Warning

    This has happened twice on another system of mine: G4 400 (AGP)... While in the System Preferences "App / Control Panel " the proccess crashes, then the desktop proccess would stop and the finder icon in the dock would keep bouncing... and bouncing .. and bouncing.. everything else was not...
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    Terminal FTP issue

    Perhaps not to many are messing with the "Command Line" per say, but I love it, OS X is like the perfect Linux install with the Perfect Window Manager .... Well anyway, the first thing I found is that, the command line FTP app seems to only work with "Text" by default, or period ? ... When...
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    Mounting NT AppleShare Volumes

    Well after several days now, I'm just about to give up, this is something that's going to force be to go back to OS 9 and only use OS X when I'm not doing anything else I need to be able to mount shared volumes from an NT server, I have been doing this for a long time under OS 9 and the...