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    Slimjet extension packers

    Slimjet will not accept extensions that have been added from a .crx installer packed by Slimjet itself. It seems that the extension has to be installed or packed from What is the difference? Is there some flag that is set somewhere in the profile that tells the...
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    Slimjet browser

    I am using the Slimjet browser. I managed to get a packed Bookmarks Checker extension that was packed from Opera to install in Slimjet. The problem is, it will remain enabled only for the current session, then Slimjet disables it after a restart, saying, "This extension is not listed in the...
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    Combo Update For 10.12.4

    Is there any way to download a combo update for Mac OS 10.12.4?
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    Extension To Kill White Backgrounds In Safari

    Is there any Safari extension or add-on of any kind that can dim down white backgrounds on web pages? They bother my eyes and I have never managed to find such a thing for Safari. I have had to create a content stylesheet to re-theme all pages, and that does not always work well. Why is it...
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    Where Are Sierra's Grey Sidebar Icons?

    In Mac OS Sierra, the icons in the Finder sidebar with just the normal view are light sepia. If one saves a file, the cutdown version of the Finder window shows grey icons in the sidebar. I know exactly where the sepia ones are, but the grey ones are not in the same place. Where are the grey...
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    El Capitan System Folder Icons

    Using Mac OS El Capitan, I changed some system folder icons in /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources to full-colour folder images. For instance, I changed ApplicationsFolderIcon.icns to put a full-colour image on it rather than a silhouette. These images do not...
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    Why Is Synchronizing All-or-nothing?

    Why is it that synchronizing bookmarks is all-or-nothing? All sites do not work equally well with all browsers or all devices. Bookmarklets certainly do not work equally well with different browsers with different rendering engines. It would be much more useful if one could specify exactly what...
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    Stop Html5 Autostart With Seamonkey

    Is there any way to prevent HTML5 from automatically playing with SeaMonkey using a browser setting in about:config? Flashblock is not working well with YouTube, and its HTML5 videos start playing as soon as the page loads.
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    Sync For Bookmarks

    Why does sync have to be all-or-nothing? Why is it not possible to synchronize some bookmark folders and not others? Why can it not be limited to going one way but not the other?
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    Safari 4.1.3 problem with HTTPS

    I am unable to get Safari 4.1.3 to access HTTPS pages. I cannot do any secure web access at all. What would cause that? I am stuck with using Mac OS Tiger on my old laptop, so the latest version of Safari available to me is 4.1.3. How do you tell what encryption protocols are being used by...
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    Opera 11.52 not running Java

    I am running Opera 11.52 on Mac OS 10.6.8. Since the last Java update from Apple, Opera will not run any Java applets. Is there anything I can do to fix that?
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    iPod Touch (v. 4.3.5) questions

    Is it possible to sync more than one directory of photos into the iPod Photo Library? Is the only way to delete pictures in the Photo Library to sync with an empty directory? What criterion is used to determine in what order the pictures will be arranged in the Photo Library? They are not...
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    Safari 4.1.3 will not open secure pages

    I am unable to get Safari 4.1.3 running on Mac OS 10.4.11 to open secure pages. It just gives an error message. 'Safari can’t open the page "https://<address of page>” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection.' OR 'Your browser sent a request that this...
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    Finder list view

    In my standard account, the finder list view is striped, with alternate lines being white and light grey. In my admin account, that view has a solid white background. How did that happen? How would I get the Finder to look the same in the admin account as in the standard account?
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    Add new item to bookmarks toolbar bookmarks menu in Firefox

    Is there any way to add "Bookmark All Tabs" to the bookmark menu in the bookmarks toolbar? What would I put into the userChrome.css file? I am using Firefox 6.0.2.
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    ASCII code chart needed

    Is there any app for Macs which will display an ASCII code chart for all the keys on the keyboard? Preferably it would give the codes in both hexadecimal and decimal (but just hex would do).
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    Mac Opera font settings in preferences editor

    In the preferences editor for Opera, the font settings are numbers separated by commas for each type of element. The first number is the font size, but what are the others? Example - setting for Toolbar: 16,4,0,0,0,0,Helvetica Neue The 16 is the font size. What is the 4, and what are the zeros?
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    Increase time before FF6 update starts

    When you click on "Check for updates" with FF6, if there is an update available, Firefox now starts downloading the update almost immediately. Is there any way to increase the time elapsed before that download starts?
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    app.update.timerMinimumDelay in Firefox 6

    What does app.update.timerMinimumDelay do? What events does it separate?
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    Firefox 4 internal bookmarks menu

    In Firefox 4, what code does one use in userChrome.css to get rid of the line "Subscribe to this Page" from the bookmarks menu in the bookmarks toolbar inside the window? Is there any way to remove "Unsorted Bookmarks" from the bottom of that menu?