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    rexec command to display database??

    On the PC side here we use a reflection session to mirror display a database on a unix sco box using the comman axis -d %ip% with the REXEC method. On the Mac in OS 9 we use MacX to do the same. Is it possible to do it within the terminal. I have tried XDarwin with no luck. eXodus works but is...
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    Sound Hack for Upgraded Legacy PPC

    Check out there is a sound hack that works? My 9600 newer tech G3 has sound in X now
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    Serious Fragmentation How do I fix it?

    I have a seriously fragmented OS X Drive and Norton Utilities says it can not optimize it. Now what do I do. I am afraid to try to run Disk Doctor that just seems like a bad idea. Any Suggestions?
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    Epson Drivers

    From an email I recieved, Thank you for taking the time to contact Epson. It is my pleasure to respond to your inquiry. This is from a press release Sept 15, 2000, at "We don't plan to have drivers available for the public beta," said John Jatinen, assistant...
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    Hard Disk Toolkit troubles

    I recieved an old 2gb drive from a PC friend and wanted to use it in my 9600. I had to initialize it using Hard Disk Toolkit. All is well until I started to run OS X now when I switch back to OS 9 I can no longer see the drive. Is there anyway to force Drive Setup to work? Does anyone know if...
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    9600 Upgrade

    Here we go, 9600/200 Newer Tech G3/400 352mb RAM ATI Rage Pro 8mb xlr8 USB pci Installed and running.
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    Install on 9600 Newer G3/400

    I was able to install on my 9600/200. I have a Newer Tech G3 400 card, 352mb of RAM and a XLR8 USB PCI card. My monitor is running on a ATI RAGE ProCard. OS X is installed on a seperate 2gb drive. I was able to boot from the CD, Install, and run through the setup assistant after the install. The...