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  1. evildan

    FedEx Hates Apple Deliveries (at least in Madison, WI)

    Being an avid Apple consumer. It's safe to say I regularly purchase from Apple. In addition to that, I also purchase from Amazon, eBay and other online stores. But recently it has become more and more prevalent that when I order from Apple, FedEx has this inability to actually deliver my...
  2. evildan

    Xserve Dns Setup

    Hi, The office I work in recently updated their router. We had an IT guy come in and set everything up. This was a significant upgrade in hardware, and we've been extremely happy with the results thus far. However, one draw back to everything being set up "correctly" is that our local...
  3. evildan

    Goudy Font not previewing

    In our creative department, we've been having font problems. So, being the instigator of large projects, I took on the responsibility to get everyone on ONE font set throughout the department. I have spent about 24 working hours sifting through the machines, eliminating redundant fonts and...
  4. evildan Encryption / problems

    I recently installed panther on all the machines in our design department. After the installation, I transferred all the OS9 settings / bookmarks / email that I could and was on my way. Apparently, after a fresh install, has been acting up on everyone's machine. The problems started...
  5. evildan

    Connection Drop

    I'm moving an entire department from OS9 to OSX (Panther). SO far everything is going grand. One 'problem' that the designers are having is that they are constantly getting disconnected from the shared server (Win 2000). I'm on the same network, but only seem to experience these disconnects...
  6. evildan


    I really like using Sherlock to look up movies. Madison, where I'm from, used to have some great movie listings, but they all are pretty difficult to find online now. Sherlock was a quick way to cut through it all and find just what I was looking for, in a simple UI. Now, my problem with...
  7. evildan

    The Apple Apple

    Speaking of unfounded rumors... read this, it's funny! A made up story of Apple trying to sell Apples. :)
  8. evildan

    Open Office Install for Dummies

    I'm looking to present a free solution to my office... they don't want to give Bill Gates any more money. Their frustration is at the level that they've asked me to look into free alternatives to Office. I immediately remembered OpenOffice so I went to check it out. Here's what I've...
  9. evildan

    D-link wireless router and Airport card?

    Hey anyone have any luck hooking up a wireless Apple laptop with an Airport card installed? I am able to access the wireless router, it assigns an IP address to the laptop, just can't access the internet... I suppose if it's getting an ip, it's working, and the error probably exists in the...
  10. evildan

    MySQL date field to readable format.

    I had been looking for the best way to do this for about a week. This example is very simple, but as I said, for some reason I had a problem finding it. Assuming that some people might be looking for the same thing I have included the code here: Scenario: You have a date stored in a MySQL...
  11. evildan

    Samba multi share mount?

    I'm in an office environment where I have to connect to one machine (win2000 server) through samba. I need to be able to mount, or have access to about 6 of the shared drives on that machine... but currently, I have to re-authenticate every time because I am only allowed to use the pulldown menu...
  12. evildan

    SSH GUI Login?

    So I was having problems with a server I admin. It's based in another state. The local IT guy has been messing with it and took off the auto login option, which I didn't realize until after I had restarted the machine remotely. Now, the machine is stuck at the GUI login screen and none of the...
  13. evildan

    Can't add events in iCal

    So I purchased a new Dual G5. And I was migrating all my things to it the other day. I figured I wouldn't need to do that with iCal, because my schedule had cleared up and I saw this as a good time to just start fresh. So nothing was transfered to it or anything like that. The other day...
  14. evildan

    Wireless iPod

    Yes, I'd like to have a wireless iPod. Yes, keep the cable for charging the battery, that's obvious, but what about wireless transfer. You're iPod enters the room of the host machine, Rendezvous picks it up and iTunes can share that music, just as machines do now. Not only that, but...
  15. evildan

    Safari Making Me look Bad to Clients

    First let me say, I love Safari. I have been using it since beta and didn't look back. For the most part I've been using it 100% of the time. However, I've recently been forced to unearth -- ACK! -- IE Explorer because of a reoccurring issue in Safari. Safari will not clear cache and it's...
  16. evildan

    Unsupported Monitor Resolution

    A friend of mine has a Titanium laptop, slightly newer then mine. He can set his resolution to a higher setting then I can. The maximum setting I have available to me is 1152 x 768. He can set his to 12-something x something. My TiBook is the last model BEFORE Apple removed the...
  17. evildan

    Apple's is JUNK!

    I've exceeded my tolerance for Apple's I've tried and tried to deal with it, but it just fights the way I want to work. My latest and FINAL battle with this immature application was in exporting mail. Scenario: I created a new user on a machine in the office at work. I was...
  18. evildan

    Flash Font Issues

    So, I'm having a bit of a burden when it comes to Flash and fonts. I hope ya'all might be able to help me out. The font, Univers, was loaded on one machine, with Flash installed. I opened a Flash file on machine A. The font displayed as expected. Machine B I made the mistake of opening the...
  19. evildan

    Has anyone seen this?

    I was playing around in TexEdit and notice that there's a charachter palet I never knew about. Unfortunatly this little icon popped up on my menu bar and I have been unable to remove it.... It follows me around from application to application always at the end of the row. (see photos).
  20. evildan

    Contextual Application Launcher?

    I've been looking for a contextual menu application launcher utility app. The idea is that I like to keep my dock minimized and with only my main programs. But, especially on my laptop, there I find myself hunting down the location of some utility app. It's a real pain. I installed Rocket...