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    It doesn't happen on my computer. I use root often for many setup things.
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    cxx,gcc, or any other c compiler

    The binaries provided with darwin ( are compatible with MacOS X. They include cc (which is a gcc) and many other nifty developer tools.
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    can't boot into OS 9!?!

    This is the same what I did on my iMac, except the Startup Disk doesn't quit on me. Try logging out, logging in as root and then running startup disk of the system preferences. That might help. Also, you have to wait a lot for the Startup Disk to scan the drive.
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    Here is how you repair/fix/check your disk for errors, *even* if MacOS X is on your only partition (that's what's going on on my computer). Go to System Preferences and choose Startup Disk. wait. wait. wait. wait. wait. wait some more. You will see the option to boot MacOS 9 from the same...
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    Changing to bash

    Changing the shell name in passwd is not the way to get the shells switch. Rather go to Preferences... in Terminal menu and select shell and then change it to whatever else you have installed. However, you'll notice you don't have bash installed. To install it you have to download it and...
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    It iworks fine if you compile ncurses 5.1 ... BitchX then runs flawlessly because ncurses provide far more than termcap which is old. Anyway, go to and get ncurses-5.1 from the gnu directory.
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    What is NetInfoManager?

    NetInfo seems to be more-less okay on MacOS X pb. The important thing is that there is no point in modifying /etc/services anymore when you're installing UN*X stuff like samba. Instead, you have to add the info inside the NetInfo tree (in the services directory).
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    Don't worry guys, it's not going to destroy ... It has a couple of tips&tricks that are interesting, like running BitchX (an irc client for un*x) Just about when I was getting to making one, I've found this:
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    mac os x compiling and host types

    Today I found out some other switches that might be even better: powerpc-apple-darwin powerpc-apple-darwin1.2 powerpc-apple-netbsd powerpc-apple-bsdos42 powerpc-apple-linux
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    OS Xb and Alsoft's Plus Maker/Maximizer for HFS+ ?

    I know of people who did this before. It should work fine. Once you are done with Plus Maker/Maximizer, your volume will be a standard HFS+ volume ready for OS X install. I'd go for it.
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    Clarus the Dogcow

    MOOF! I wouldn't worry. DogCow is almost a trademark of Apple DTS (Developer's Technical Support), so I am sure you'll see Clarus as soon as the dev tools are out :-) They usually put him in every bigger sample app! MOOF!
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    PowerBase Mac Clone Upgrade to OS X?

    I would really not try if I were you.. Go to Install forum, and you'll see posts of people who tried but got burnt. The motherboards on clones are significantly different and so far there is no workarounds (although they are being worked on).
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    Yup, it can install over your MacOS 9 (it doesn't delete anything). I had the same problem you did and I just installed over it. The probability of installer not working is extremely low, since you have a nice fully-Apple built iMac. Just make sure you run the firmware update (on...
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    Displaying Memory

    Start up terminal and type top you'll see the following columns: pid -- process ID. If you don't like the application (for example, Classic, which has problem quitting as well as TruBlueEnvironment which is the emulator part of Classic), you can later type kill # -- # is the process...
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    Playing previous os games on X

    Diablo II works according to MacAddict. I think Gerry should really release a Carbonized version. There is an ICQ/AIM client for MacOS X and it's called Fire, you can check it out on versiontracker.
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    Import OE Addresses into OSX AddressBook app?

    It bothers me too.. I hand-copied them.. (not a very fast way).. Apple's Knowledge Base said they are aware of the lack of "this important feature" and that it would be available in the future releases.
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    mac os x compiling and host types

    If 'make' cannot detect the host, usually it means the host doesn't really matter. To check, type pico (yeah, pico is a nifty console text editor), and check if the host names are mentioned anywhere. If host is important, put some with BSD in it, if that one doesn't...
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    Beware adding fonts!

    That's wierd.. I tried something different.. I logged out, then logged in as root. I copied all the fonts into /System/Library/Fonts Everything worked fine! Maybe it was some disk related error, did you run Disk Utility to see if that is the case?
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    Will Apple really be able to increase speed?

    I don't know man, I have an iMac, and I'm pretty happy with speed. Speed problems are mainly due to slow application launches. That can be fixed, really. (I am a coder, trust me on this one :-) ) I have 96 megs and I can 'feel' the MacOS X torturing itself when there's 7-8 big apps open, so I am...
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    Joliet CDs work!!

    oops, this got posted twice..