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    CD-r for a Powermac 9600

    A client of mine still uses a Powermac 9600. I have delivered some data to her on a CD-r I burned on my macpro but she tells me her 9600 does not even see the disk or mount it. A message appears that says the disk is not readable. I burned the disk on my MacPro from the finder (burn folder)...
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    Intellimouse and google conflict?

    This is a weird one! I have the wireless intellimouse and have configured the right button to work as an "open link in new tab" function in Safari. Its worked fine for months. Just recently and ONLY with google (no really!), when I right click on a google found link the page opens in a new...
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    best ftp app?

    Any thoughts on what is the best FTP application at the moment? I'm thinking freeware/shareware btw. drumhum
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    QT 7 and itunes type issues

    It seems there are many issues relating to upgrading to Quicktime 7 and often itunes is connected. Is it known what is actually the cause of the problems? From what I gather, folk seem to have problems even after downgrading back to QT6.x. I have not had any issues after these upgrades so are...