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    Office for Mac

    Did you have experience with Office for Mac ? It's Windows equivalent ? target is to exchange Office documents with Windows environments so I want to be sure to have the same problems like OpenOffice/LibreOffice. Thanks
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    full apps from iPhone 7 to XR

    Can I make full backup from iPhone 7 to restore to XR one with both devices with the same OSX ? My experience says backup via iTunes doesn't restore all application e.g. apps which are downloaded from third-part store. I ask if content app are keeping because in one of previous upgrade I lost...
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    import dvd to OSX Photos

    I'm using latest OSX on MacBook Pro and I'm going to interesting to import some dvd to Photos, It's possible? Dvd contains amateur video infact It has AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories. Dvd is not indestructible so I want to save video to my archive. Thanks
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    Iphone 5s battery

    I'd like to know how much time It should take medium battery usage for iPhone 5s (latest iOS). I replaced it but I think It works bad. Now battery is at 2% used: 3h 15m standby: 17h 14 m What do you think?
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    new app: battery high usage

    I installed new app "whatsapp++" by TutuApp store and I noted its high usage of battery infarct in last 24 hours over usage is 65%. If I click twice on home button and I drop app, I can say that I close it? How can I verify if there other running processes about this app? In battery menu, as you...
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    doesn't hide dock bar automatically in High Sierra

    I set option "automatically hide and show the dock" for dock bar but to hide it I have to move pointer in bottom side of screen and to move it more times to this direction, otherwise dock is always shown. After this behaviour, dock automatically hide for opened application and It's ok. If I open...
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    parent control latest iOS iPad Air 2

    I'm looking for parent control app to limit Google search for my kid. For example in YouTube I set restrictions which gives app settings. Does it exist app which collects activities logs of all app and send it via email or to Cloud server where I can retrieve it when I suspect strange activity?
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    Export Internet Account And Mailboxes

    Does it exist good software which permits to export Internet accounts and all mailboxes for El Capitan?
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    Nat Source Address With Pf

    I'm trying to configure NAT rule into pf. pf.conf file: load anchor "nat.rules" from "/etc/nat.rules" nat.rules file: nat log on en0 from any to -> This rule says every packet to this subnet, the source address is translated to I run...