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    LW 6.5b in 10.2.4?

    I have been hesitant to upgrade to 10.2.3, and now 10.2.4 is out. I am using Lightwave 6.5b with a GeForce4mx on a Dual 1Ghz Quicksilver box. After reading about issues with OpenGL for Certain Maya users. I'm doing my Senior Project with this, so i can't risk updating the OS only to break my 3D...
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    iChat buggy?

    ok, I've been having lots of trouble lately with iChat (it'll be a great app once it works right). It stops getting correct updates of people's status, and stops recieving replies from people. Am I alone with this problem?
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    Word X crash happy!?!?!?

    ok, my family members are being driven nuts by Word X. I moved them all over to OSX, only to hit one very annoying brick wall. My mom is a writer and depends heavily on it, only to have it set her seriously behind. Does anyone know how to get this M$ beast to be stable??? Thanks, JSD <><
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    Powerbook G3 with extras!

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    getting classic apps to appear!?

    I've got this problem where I start a classic app (after starting OS9) and it will appear in the dock but won't show on the rest of the computer, from the desktop to the forcequit window??? anyone got any ideas??? (I've got a beige 233 G3 w/ 160 mb of ram and OS 9.0.4.)
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    X server for OSX beta?? and appleshare question

    Who knows where to find the X server for OSX beta. I had read somewhere on maccentral that there was a distribution of X server for OSX. I would be very interested. Also, how do you get apple share running for OSX so a person on 9.0.4 can access it over a network?