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  1. ora

    Taking A Step Forward

    Ooooh, a new forum s/w! VBulletin was so much the default I am shocked how nice a change is. Good work scott. Will try ann drop in more with Yosemite out. *raises a glass to the dear memory of bobw*
  2. ora

    New Itunes 10's looks Suck!

    Tempted, the grey theme is less quickly understandable for me. I could revert to 9.x but after the faff to revert my iPhone to 3.2 from 4 (performance speed on 4 made it unusable) I am not sure i have the mental energy!
  3. ora

    Safari cmd-w tab behaviour

    Nope, about half the time it closes the whole window (with multiple tabs in it) or at least offers to as i ended up setting it to check with me first.
  4. ora

    Safari cmd-w tab behaviour

    Still having this issue with Version 4.0.5 (6531.22.7) - still seems random when it closes a tab and when it closes a window. Any ideas?
  5. ora

    Safari cmd-w tab behaviour

    Hi folks I am confused in Safari 4.0.4 (6531.21.10) on 10.6.2 as to the behaviour of cmd-w when i have tabs open. Sometimes it does as i want it to it shuts the tab, but often it wants to shut the whole window with multiple tabs in it. I can't seem to make any sense of when it does each...
  6. ora

    (Preferably) Dell monitor that's as good as apple Cinema display?

    I believe it was the Dell Ultrasharps that matched the apple displays - and their 22" are only 1680x1050. For 1920x1200 you'd need the dell 24 which is more expensive.
  7. ora

    Help please..macbook not booting mac osx leopard

    We can't help if you are using a pirate version of the OS, sorry!
  8. ora word association!

  9. ora word association!

  10. ora

    Dynamic list of movies--geektoool?

    A slightly different approach, I use Xbox Media Centre to act as a frontend to my media library. You can mount drives or folders there, I am wondering if you could do something like mount a smart folder which searched for some criteria, and do it that way.
  11. ora

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    You can actually have warm cider too, along the lines of mulled wine.
  12. ora

    Peer Guardian giving me weird messages?

    Scoops - this helps on a forum i help run It is a list of IP addresses form spammers, we check new sign ups and ban them if they are on the list. The last month it has been chinese IPs using gmail addresses for some reason, but sometimes it is Americans using...
  13. ora

    Peer Guardian giving me weird messages?

    For whatever reason they do. I briefly ran an ftp server on a desktop machine where I had a static IP from my ISP. I got my first attempted logon within 5 minutes of booting and once every 5-10 mins thereafter.
  14. ora

    Web Hosting

    I use bluehost - cheap and cheerful, many, many auto-installs via simplescripts. I have had a good customer experience with them. It costs $7/month and has unlimited storage/transfer. The limits are on filecount (they get shirty if you have over 50k) and the bandwidth is acceptable rather than...
  15. ora

    Peer Guardian giving me weird messages?

    Skype is peer to peer tech, you pass info for other users and they do so for you. Probably just someone in the Czech embassy in Latvia using skype.....
  16. ora

    wireless signal

    I believe an airport express will extend and airport extreme base station.
  17. ora

    Upgrading an Imac PPC G4 to OSX Tiger

    More than that they only work with the _exact_ same model they shipped with - in short don;t bother with grey disks. Get black ones with big silver X's on them :)
  18. ora

    Migration Assistant and Firewire

    Alternatively plug them into your router via ethernet rather than wireless.
  19. ora

    Best Digital Pen for OS X?

    Livescribe is another implementation of Anoto, but I am happy to see it coming to mac. I enjoyed having one and would probably buy a mac one if it appeared.
  20. ora

    iPod Touch - Non Broadcasting Wifi Network

    No problem! Hope it works out. Let us know if not and we'll look for another solution.