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  1. ora

    Safari cmd-w tab behaviour

    Hi folks I am confused in Safari 4.0.4 (6531.21.10) on 10.6.2 as to the behaviour of cmd-w when i have tabs open. Sometimes it does as i want it to it shuts the tab, but often it wants to shut the whole window with multiple tabs in it. I can't seem to make any sense of when it does each...
  2. ora

    Google Wave

    Anyone else get into the wave? It is kinda fun, and I can see it has potential - not sure it is the email killer yet, but it is a step in the right direction, and email really needs to be replaced in my opinion. This video explains hwo it works in an amusing but somewhat NSFW way (uses...
  3. ora

    Safari 4 final - i miss the top-tabs!

    It is an odd thing, I hated them at first, the way the tabs were at the top of the window, but I got used to it real fast. Also it saved a little screen space, which is precious on my 13" macbook. Now back to the 'normal' tab display it looks...wrong. What do you folks think? Any chance...
  4. ora

    Found a way to change sound input/output from menu bar

    Ho folks, I had been in need of this for ages, a way to change the input and output devices for sound without going into System Preference, and I finally got round to a little focussed googling and found this: Works well so far!
  5. ora

    Tag posts shunted from tech queue

    Hi there, Is there a way to tag posts that are autoposted to the board when not answered from the tech queue with soem sort of prefix, perhaps with the metadata on machine type/specs/user experience added as well? Also, i notice if a reopened question is autoposted to the forum, only the...
  6. ora

    New find: the daily mash

    Someone sent me a link to this website yesterday and I've been in stitches ever since. Its an onion-like fake news site, but with a British spin and a foul mouth. WARNING - the site features bad language you might find offensive or not want to view at work. The Daily Mash Brown Demands New...
  7. ora

    Anyone fancy an invite for Spotify?

    NB - available only in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain, sorry those elsewhere This is yet another invite-bet, for an ad supported music streaming app. Its not bad I find, a short ad every 4-6 songs so far, and a very decent sized catalogue of music streamed in decent...
  8. ora

    Wireless signal strength problems

    Hey all. My parents are having an odd issue with their wireless, and I'm lost I think. They have ADSL connected via a Netgear DG834G v2 adsl modem/router/g wireless access point. My folks have two old 12" aluminium powerbooks, a 1ghz and a 1.5 ghz i think, both on the last 10.3 increment. A...
  9. ora

    Anyone installed iPhone 2.2.1?

    Before I take the plunge, has anyone installed this yet? Any problems? It is the first update available since I got the phone so I am not sure if the updates have the same occasional problems as system updates.
  10. ora

    Spilled water on MBP, what now?

    Hey fellow macsters, In a very stressfull early morning moment, a fair bit of a glass of water splashed across my mbp's keyboard from the right hand side a few days ago. I immediately hard powered down and got the battery out then left it for 2 days to dry out. After that it booted fine but...
  11. ora

    Process 'Inkjet' has high VSIZE

    In Activity monitor I have a process called 'Inkjet', a child process of cupsd that shows over 2gb in VSIZE. Now my Activity Monitor mastery is somewhat limited, but I take it VSIZE is the amount of virtual memory a process uses. I have an A3 photo printer to which I print pretty large...
  12. ora

    Join Tech Team form glitch

    On the page the free text areas have the title of the area superimposed over the text area itself. I am on Safari 3.1.2/OS X 10.5.5. All current software updates applied.. Pic attached - my info blurred to protect the innocent. :)
  13. ora

    My experiences on the dark side (PCs)

    So, I've now had a PC for about a year, and I thought It might be interesting to talk a bit about my experiences with it, and with how it plays with my prior Mac-based setup. I've been a mac-head since my first beloved mac, a Performa 630. After a disastrous Umax clone, a plucky little...
  14. ora

    Help needed: keyword search in Safari Leopard

    Hi friends, My productivity is being sapped by my lack of any way to enable 'keyword' searches in safari, where you type directly into the address bar to search. I had any term in the address bar go to google, then prefixes for wikipedia and other reference sources i use. The advantage is...
  15. ora - select outgoing server per message

    Hi amigos, long time no see. Anyway, I now live in the UK once more and my new ISP have some deeply irritating anti spam rules that require me to use the ISP's outgoing server. Of course I can only use this when at home but I use my beloved macbook pro at work too, when i want to use my own...
  16. ora

    Pownce beta invites

    Another beta :) This is a social network/application described as twitter on steroids, see details at . It also has a downloadable client based on AIR, the adobe runtime (formerly called Apollo) that lets ajax based web apps run as full applications, quite cool. I joined just to...
  17. ora

    FTP transfer from home hangs after 64k

    Hi all, I have a few websites i access via FTP using cyberduck or a java based online ftp client provided by my hosting people. From work, uploads are fine (also via inbuilt ftp from web editors) but from home it fails after 64k, or hangs until it times out. I guess its something to do...
  18. ora

    8-Core MacPro released

    With 2x quad-core clovertown processors, at 3Ghz. See here for details.
  19. ora

    Joost invites - who wants one.

    Hi folks, I'm in the beta of Joost, the social networking/iptv system (formerly the venice project). Its pretty fun and an interesting bit of geek technology. The mac beta runs nicely too, very frontrow-esque I have two invites, but if you get one please offer at least half your invites...
  20. ora

    Pictorial history of

    I saw this on Digg this morning, 191 screenshots of over time. Its a lot of fun, especially the early ones. Enjoy!