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  1. evildan

    Bobw Passed Away

    This is truly a sad day in the online world. Bob was a great man. I will greatly miss his generosity and wisdom.
  2. evildan

    Php vs Apache

    HSN, There's a ton of information on the web about this. But, here's a simple three-step list of instructions to get PHP/Apache running on your mac. Step 1: Open System Preferences, click on "Sharing" and enable "personal web sharing". Boom! Apache and PHP should be running, wasn't that easy...
  3. evildan

    MacWorld Announcements

    I've been waiting for an iPod remote! Looks like I'm breaking out the credit card in a mad dash to buy the latest Apple gadget once more!
  4. evildan

    FedEx Hates Apple Deliveries (at least in Madison, WI)

    Krevinek, Have them deliver it to your work place :) Actually I had the same issues with delivery. But ever since I moved to this new apartment place, it's been great. the clubhouse has us sign a waiver which allows packages to be delivered. Also, another handy thing is when FedEx is at...
  5. evildan

    FedEx Hates Apple Deliveries (at least in Madison, WI)

    hee hee. Well the conclusion to this story has a bit of humor as well. Last Saturday FedEx called me to say they had found my Nano. The representative asked me if I would be willing to wait until "next week sometime" to have it delivered. I suggested that I pick it up that day... and...
  6. evildan

    FedEx Hates Apple Deliveries (at least in Madison, WI)

    One of the reasons I decided to post this, was because my experience with FedEx has been (apart from above story) flawless. It is my favorite carrier - even over UPS or DHL. But alas, as luck would have it, my Apple stuff seems to be cursed. :) Although some might find this hard to...
  7. evildan

    FedEx Hates Apple Deliveries (at least in Madison, WI)

    yeah, my original thought was that one of the computers I ordered was indeed stolen. But it's only a theory... and based solely on conjecture. Something about the reaction of the FedEx customer care person when I told her it wasn't delivered already.
  8. evildan

    FedEx Hates Apple Deliveries (at least in Madison, WI)

    Being an avid Apple consumer. It's safe to say I regularly purchase from Apple. In addition to that, I also purchase from Amazon, eBay and other online stores. But recently it has become more and more prevalent that when I order from Apple, FedEx has this inability to actually deliver my...
  9. evildan

    iPod nano

    I am/was quit impressed by the nano. A while ago my 30 gig iPod took a nose-dive off of my desk while I was playing it... it crashed to the floor and made a big thump noise. Needless to say, the iPod no longer plays properly. I was waiting to hear what Apple was going to do to the iPod lineup...
  10. evildan

    Xserve Dns Setup

    Hi, The office I work in recently updated their router. We had an IT guy come in and set everything up. This was a significant upgrade in hardware, and we've been extremely happy with the results thus far. However, one draw back to everything being set up "correctly" is that our local...
  11. evildan

    Apple or Windows? Which is better?

    eliezer, it's "Graphic Design" not "Graphics Design" and I don't believe that's what anyone is telling you at all. What we ARE telling you is that for us, Apple is better. No one here is trying to convert you to liking something you don't. I think the reason you're finding it difficult to get...
  12. evildan

    Tiger bug list. hopefully could be helpful

    I had this problem... But I didn't resort to hard-coding my configuration. All I did was use the network diagnostics program. I attributed the issue to the addition of the firewire networking port addition in 10.4.
  13. evildan

    MySQL and import database

    I agree... I've used a number of MySQL client programs and phpMyAdmin does a great job with huge data imports / exports. In fact I just got done doing a table import of 1000 records that no other client could parse. I wanted to test the limits of phpMyAdmin, so I didn't separate the code at...
  14. evildan gone crazy

    You're mail might not be lost. Try these steps: 1. Open 2. Click on File > Import Mailboxes 4. Choose Mail for OSX, click the right arrow (next) 5. Leave "Mailboxes" checked and click the right arrow (next) again 6. Click the right arrow (next) again 7. Navigate to the...
  15. evildan

    Music Subscription Services

    yeah, absolutely... for businesses it's great. The problem becomes, like in anything else, when the company chooses to abuse it's subscribers. Lackluster customer support, etc.... Subscriptions promote this type of business practice, since it becomes in the best interest of the company to...
  16. evildan

    Music Subscription Services

    I keep finding myself thinking back to what my wise ol' boss said to me one night while we were working late one night. It was one of those nights where I found myself behind his desk helping him out with his computer and he found himself behind a cigar spouting off the latest business ideas...
  17. evildan

    Make the iDisk less of a nuisance

    Try making a synchronized "offline" copy of your iDisk. When you click on the iDisk icon then, it will be as responsive as clicking on any other local disk. The iDisk can be synchronized automatically or manually. (system preferences > .Mac > iDisk
  18. evildan

    Speakers popping!

    It already has... I was customer 60-something when I bought my G5. :)
  19. evildan

    Speakers popping!

    It's funny, because this same thing happened with my internal speaker on my G5 tower the other day... it's been acting funny. Completely unrelated, but the other day the G5 said there was no AirPort card installed... very strange. I had to yank the card and reinstall it just for it to...
  20. evildan

    Apple Remote Desktop 2.0 is out!

    I believe the multiple os compatibility is a new feature. I had the previous version and I don't remember it working on a PC... I could be wrong... My company recently purchased this for me. I can now service computers across the office right from the convenience of my own office. It's very...