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    How do u think about iPhone 6?

    According to all the criteria, Apple will release a new iphone (iPhone 6) this September. How do u guys think about the new phone? Will u upgrade your iphone to the new one?
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    Four word game

    Four word is enough ;)
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    What will the new iPad be called?

    I saw the question somewhere else and I think it is interesting. What do you think the new iPad will be called? what are meant to be the key features and USP for the new iPad?
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    Do you miss your childhood?

    And if you do, would you want to stay a kid forever? I definitely would. No money to worry about No bills to pay No dramas No relationship problem
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    Best way to create video and upload to youtube?

    I love magic very much. After watching a great many magic performances and reading some magic books, I invented a few magic tricks by myself. I want to create a magic video and upload to YouTube to share with other people. Which is the best and simplest way? Thanks for your suggestion. Btw, I...
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    Do u remember your first cellphone?

    My first cellphone is made by Nokia, a red bar phone. So do u remember ur first cellphone?Which brand it is?
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    Free Software to Convert Video to Galaxy S3?

    How do you usually convert video (like m2ts, mod, flv) to Galaxy supported formats? I tried Handbrake, but the video quality is barely satisfactory. Just found a freebie MacX Mobile Video Converter. But it seems to be new for me. Does anyone know how it works?
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    Answer and ask question one after another!

    Just play a game about asking the next person a question. I go first: What gift did you give to your father yesterday?
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    What game do you play on your ipad?

    I just got an iPad Mini and want to install some games in it. but I donot know which game is interesting. What game do you play on ipad?
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    What game do you play at a dinner party?

    What game do you play at a dinner party with many friends?
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    Best wishes for Women's Day!

    Today is Women's Day. Just want to send my best wishes to all ladies. All the best!!
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    Free DVD/video to iPad software, what's your opinion?

    Just got an iPad 3 and wanted to convert my DVD collections to it so as to watch at any time. When searching the free DVD conversion software, I found Handbrake first (I know it is recommended by many users) and then I found macx ipad DVD/video converter. It is given away by its developer before...
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    What do you expect for the White Valentine's Day?

    After the Valentine's Day just went away, the White Valentine's Day is right around the corner. What do you expect? Roses, chocolates, cards, or something else?
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    Upload DVD video to Youtube

    I’m sure many people like Youtube, because of many wonderful videos and information. I have a lot of funny DVD video recorded during my travel. I want to upload them to Youtube so that other people could enjoy them. But it seems that DVD video cannot be uploaded to Youtube directly because of...
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    What do you prepare for the coming Thanksgiving Day?

    This Thanksgiving Day is coming soon. We can enjoy delicious food, roasted turkey and pumpkin cake and send greetings as before. Besides this, do you plan to prepare something special?
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    DVD to Windows Phone-WP8 converting problem

    I want to convert some of my purchased DVDs to my Windows Phone-WP8 to enjoy them on the road. I tried Mactheripper, the output image is barely satisfactory and the process spent me a long time. Do you have other better choice than Mactheripper?
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    What are your hobbies

    When I joined this site, I wanted to make more friends here. Let’s talk about our hobbies firstly so that we can know each other more. In my spare time, I like walking, making delicious food, watching TV and doing some exercise, like badminton. Just enjoy the life. What about you?