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  1. FlashMac

    Permissions/Write Issue 10.4.11 Server

    Hi I have an XServe running 10.4.11, with a United Digital RAID. About once a week I get a call from a user saying (and I quote one below): This has been happening on and off for about a year now, and I can't pin down the cause. Permissions are correct, they are saving to folders they have...
  2. FlashMac

    Virtual PC for Intel 10.5?

    Hi I've been asked to find a virtual PC solution for some of my users. I've been looking on the internet and it looks like Microsoft Virtual PC 7 does not support Intel or 10.5. I'd really rather run a virtual OS than have to reboot all the time as they will need the Mac 95% of the time...
  3. FlashMac

    Quick Hard Drive Question

    Hello Just about to order a new XServe with a RAID array: Axux 12 bay SCSI - SATAII RAID Storage System configured with 5 x 750Gb for 3TB useable at RAID 5 including hot spare, 7 spare drive bays for up to 8.2TB useable. One of my colleagues has suggested that data retrieval on 750Gb...
  4. FlashMac

    "10.4 cannot be installed on this computer..."

    "...please consult the documentation for the list of supported Macintosh computers." Fine, but its a 1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo iMac, currently running 10.4.11. I want to rebuild it, as in erase and install. I've used the exact same (retail, volume-licensed) Mac OSX Install disc on PPC G4s, PPC...
  5. FlashMac

    Safari and Gmail

    Anyone else noticed any issues with Safari on Gmail? Basically, the shift key doesn't work for me. Pressing the shift key to get a capital letter not only does nothing but removes the cursor from the text-entry window. I am literally putting caps-lock on and off to enter 'I' and the beginning...
  6. FlashMac

    EpsonNet Printer Connection

    Can anyone talk me through connecting to an Epson printer through EpsonNet? By EpsonNet I mean one of these: - basically a mini print server like the ones you used to see a lot of before HP JetDirect etc took off...
  7. FlashMac

    Enterprise Anti-Virus Solutions

    Hi Everyone. Been using Symantec 9, when 10 came out they sent it over as part of our license deal. It doesn't work. I had very strange network behaviour on all my clients so had to remove it. I can't remove it from the server, the passwords have stopped working and so has the uninstaller...
  8. FlashMac

    How Do You Remove Apps?

    Hello I've had a look at the PDF manual and the Finger Tips but I can't figure out how to remove Apps - all I want to do is get rid of Stocks as I will never need it. Please note I'm looking for an official Apple-sanctioned solution, it must be possible. I did a web search and most...
  9. FlashMac

    iPhone Protective Cases

    Hello, got my iPhone yesterday, very pleased. Anyone care to recommend a cover? I suspect the InCase one will be the one. I think it would be nice to have a general case review thread, I could have told anyone with an old video iPod not to get the iVak, for instance. There look to me to...
  10. FlashMac

    Change Primary DNS - ARD Command?

    Hello I'm looking to change the primary DNS server on my workstations (about 50 of them). Does anyone know of a 'Send UNIX' command or script that I can send from Apple Remote Desktop 3? It would save me a lot of legwork. I did a search but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.
  11. FlashMac

    Activation Question

    Hi guys, glad to see you are all enjoying your phones, can't wait until they make their way across to the UK. Can someone give me some experience-based advice on activating the iPhone? I have watched the activation video on Basically I'm with Orange and want to keep my number...
  12. FlashMac

    Font Auditing Tool?

    Can anyone recommend any font auditing applications? Ideally network, so I don't have to go out to each machine. Each machine has Suitcase Fusion which came with Font Doctor, which looks pretty handy for consolidating it all when I come to do that, but I'd like to get an idea of data size (may...
  13. FlashMac

    Adobe CS3 Installation

    Ignore, the facts were was just lost in translation.
  14. FlashMac

    Determining Tiger serial number?

    Hi. I'm running 45 Macs here, 8 came with Tiger. I have a year-old invoice (before my time, I just got here) for 29 Tiger upgrades but no serial number or any account information with Apple. That leaves 7. Pretty much everything has been bought through third party suppliers with very little...
  15. FlashMac

    What's Your Favorite Disc Burning Software, And Why?

    Hello I was wondering what people prefer to use to burn CDs and DVDs. I've never really liked the Finder disc burning function and have found its not always foolproof when you are sending discs to PC users. Personally I've always used Roxio Toast and have never had a problem with it...
  16. FlashMac

    AppleTV Queries

    Hi I'm thinking of getting one of these, but I have a couple of questions, any advice appreciated. Video Formats. Yes I have read the Tech Specs but I'm afraid I don't know much about video. I know it also says "if its in iTunes, its on AppleTV", I gather that means if iTunes is able...
  17. FlashMac

    MSN Messenger: Ports?

    Hi I can't seem to use my Messenger from within my office network, but it works on PCs. I have been assured that no ports are deliberately blocked, and we don't use a Proxy server. However a friend on a non-tech forum said: "I had this exact issue in halls in my first year of uni. All I can...
  18. FlashMac

    ARD3 UNIX Commands

    Hi guys Is there a list of UNIX commands for ARD3? My network is made up of several different models, Intel and PPC, so this is the only way to do a lot of stuff without doing it for each individual model one at a time. Software Update is easy, not worried about that, but does anyone know...
  19. FlashMac

    Compatibility Issues

    Hello People Does anyone else find it a bit of a nightmare to get accurate information on Software and Hardware compatibility? There really need to be more tables laying out what works with what. I have inherited a network of mostly PPC Macs (G4s, G5s, iMac G4s, Old Cubes and Powerbooks)...
  20. FlashMac

    A Nightmare of Epic Proportions - cautionary tale.

    So I installed iTunes 7 a couple of days ago, and my Finder went nuts. Firstly, let me point out I am not necessarily blaming iTunes 7, but the fun started right after I launched that for the first time. I'd installed it a few days before, but hadn't used it so it launched when I went to...