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  1. mdnky

    Verizon iPhone

    Finally I can get rid of AT&T!
  2. mdnky

    Format war over, Blu-Ray wins

    Looks like its finally over. With the defection of Warner Bros studios earlier this year being cited as a key reason, and also undoubtedly the decision by WalMart to join other key retailers in offering BluRay only (Best Buy, Target, Blockbuster, Netflix) sources are reporting Toshiba will be...
  3. mdnky

    M$ releases new Zunes

    Wow...this is not another example of Microsoft copying other products at all...not at all (can you fell the sarcasm in that statement?).
  4. mdnky

    $100 Store Credit now available

    For those who are eligible, go to and enter your phone number and serial number (in iPhone, go to: Settings/General/About/[8th line]), then click ok. Leave your browser/that page open and wait for the PIN to be sent in a text message to your phone...
  5. mdnky

    iPhone Price Drop

    The 8GB model is $399 starting today.
  6. mdnky

    European Release

    Confirmed by Apple to be in Q4 of 2007. More details to be released at the end of Q3.;_ylt=Ap968fPUYGDPBiA6.Q1mgpojtBAF
  7. mdnky


    Some cleaver hackers have figured out a way to get custom ringtones in the iPhone. More info: Did it with mine, no problems so far. ((Does sync automatically with mine...weird...the hackers say it won't.))
  8. mdnky

    iPhone for Web Developers Thought this might be a good link for some of us. It does serve as a good primer for anyone wanting to ensure as much compatibility as possible between their site and the iPhone. A couple of interesting notes: Partial CSS 3...
  9. mdnky

    iPhone providers (international)

    AP is reporting that Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) has landed the iPhone license for Germany over rival Vodafone. They're claiming a 450 Euro price and Nov. 1st launch date.;_ylt=Anpn7lyIIINb.QajbUlsZ2kjtBAF
  10. mdnky

    MacBook Pro line updated

    Slightly higher clock speeds (2.2gHz & 2.4gHz vs. 2.16gHz & 2.33gHz) on the Santa Rosa chipset, larger bus (800mHz vs. 667mHz), 4GB memory capacity (was 3GB), and nVidia 8600m GT graphics. The 15" model gets a LED-backlight display, while the 17" model gets a $100 built-to-order 1900x1200...
  11. mdnky

    FS: MacBook Pro 2.15 --- NIB

    Apple decided to replace my Powerbook with a brand new MacBook Pro as they couldn't get the replacement screen (part on order for 1.5 months). I already bought a replacement, so the one they sent me is available for sale. 15" Screen 2.16gHz Core2Duo 1GB PC2 5200 DDR RAM 120GB 5400 RPM...
  12. mdnky

    FS: 15" Powerbook HD

    Since the MacBook Pros finally have FW800, I'm thinking of upgrading. That means I have to part with my trusty PB though. :( 15" Powerbook HD (Nov 2005) 1.67gHz G4 2GB Mushkin DDR2 (matched pair) Dual-layer Superdrive 80GB HD Bluetooth 2+EDR Airport USB 2, FW400 + FW800 2 batteries (both with...
  13. mdnky

    Seagate releases new HD technology Doesn't quite fit in the Apple News section, so we'll put it here in The Café. Hopefully this leads to larger laptop drives and possibly some bigger iPod capacities (for the Video hungry ones)...once the price falls at least.
  14. mdnky Widget

    For now, the first version is done and available to anyone who wants to try it out. It's still a little bit rough and lacking of features, but that'll change with time. Future enhancements include:Better feed support Currently you can pick a feed for all the forums or a specific forum. Soon...
  15. mdnky

    Adobe launches Lightroom (Aperture-like app)

    Interesting app that Adobe is currently providing for free in beta form to Mac users, called Adobe Lightroom. It says they'll be eventually launching a Mac and Windows version in the future (summer 06 maybe). Demo Video (shot on "a common Mac laptop configuration") From what I've seen...
  16. mdnky

    FS: iBook stuff

    Still have some things left from the iBook. iBook 14.1" things: Airport Card (802.11b), bought new in July of this year — $90 NewerTech 4800mAh 71 watt-hour battery, used less than a month (bought 11/05) and gave me 7.5 to 8 hours of usage — $110 Original Apple 4000mAh 55 watt-hour...
  17. mdnky

    Firefox 1.5 released

    Still a bit disjointed from OS X, but definitely better than before on other areas. Images are handled better and a lot of page display issues seem to have been corrected.
  18. mdnky

    FS: iBook stuff (parting out)

    The logic board bit the dust, but everything else still works and is available (Grey = sale pending). Unless noted, everything is from a 14.1 900Mhz G3 iBook. iBook 14.1" things: NewerTech 4800mAh 71 watt-hour battery, less than a month old and gave me 7.5 to 8 hours of usage — $120...
  19. mdnky

    EU announces blanket license for Music sales Seems like an interesting timing of this announcement...or is it just a coincidence?
  20. mdnky

    One more thing...;_ylt=Ao53AW49ZDSYi1SIis5GVYEjtBAF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl