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    iMac strange sound from speakers

    My iMac was making a continuous "modulating" high pitched sound. It would even pan from left to right and back. This sound was coming THROUGH my speakers. I disconnected my audio interface, switched inputs and outputs to internal speakers/mic... and it still happened. Did a hardware test and it...
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    Spotlight Sierra No Results

    I am losing my mind. New iMac that came with Sierra install. Running 10.12.4, 1 TB SSD with only about 300 GB. Spotlight has been quirky at best since day one, but now with almost every search I get "no results." A fair number of search results show I am not quite alone. This includes my own...
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    Opinions On Encryption And Firewall?

    Hello, other than work computers, I have just received my first new home iMac in 7 years (I believe my ninth home mac overall). Since my old 2009 Mac, I haven't really worried about security beyond strong passwords and changing them often. Of course the world is changing. I know I could Google...
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    Trim On Apple Ssd?

    Okay, brand spanking new Retina iMac running Sierra and I have been having a gas all day getting things up and running. I am pretty sure of the answer, but with my 1 TB Apple SSD do I need to do anything about trim? No third party apps, no terminal commands, correct? It is all taken care of?
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    Adding An Online Radio Stream To Itunes

    I have to start with a rant. What Apple has done with iTunes is pure usability incompetence. I am not alone and there are endless online rants about this. I have used iTunes from day one and it was great. Then v11 and 12... My mac is set up with Logic Pro X and Ableton Live and is connected to...
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    New Printer/scanner Time, Again

    Yes, it is that biannual or so ritual of buying another printer/scanner. I have had them all and I just hate it. The current printer is a Canon. All seemed well then the dreaded print head error that has people going insane all over the web. The troubleshooting recommendation by Canon does...
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    Screen Sharing Working Well, But A Few Quirks

    I have an iMac running Mavericks and a MacBook Pro running El Capitan on my home desk and have given up on using keyboard/mouse sharing apps such as Sharemouse and Teleport (too buggy and inconsistent in my years of trying them). OSX Built in Screen Sharing is a nice alternative in simply...
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    Fyi, Apple Keyboard And Dishwasher - It Worked

    Dumped coffee on my USB keyboard, but had a spare. The thing was going nuts. N types J, D types SD and up arrow would not work. I read online you can put them in the dishwasher, but to be careful and not use them for about a week after. It actually worked (and man is it clean)! I don't recommend...
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    Ssd For 2009 Imac?

    Hello, I have 4 Macs, but my trusty go to home desk/office machine is the oldest, a 2009 27" iMac. I use it for everything from R and some web dev stuff to Final Cut Pro and tons of music software including Ableton Live, Logic and different guitar amp modeling software. The old gal hums along...
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    Developer Tools - it is installed?

    Hello, I was on here years ago and got a lot of help with getting X Windows up and running. I am super super rusty, but will spare you with just one dumb question today. I have a 7 month old iMAC with 10.5. Does it come with Developer Tools installed? How would I check?