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    DayMaker v3

    Has anyone a copy of DayMaker v3 early to mid 90s' app? Pastel Developement.
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    dual boot with CCC

    thinking about partitioning my drive to dual boot Mavs (coz I don't want to pay the ProTools upgrade cost right now) and probably El Cap or Sierra. I don't use TM but rather CCC. Has anyone set a dual boot using CCC? Had any issues?
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    forwarding pdf with Mail

    I'm trying to forward a pdf attachment that I received to someone else via Mail. No matter what I do, it won't leave town. The error I get is can't send with server. All other Mail goes with NP. I can send my own pdfs, NP. I tried changes perms on the doc. NC. I assume that this has...
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    Mail hyperlinks stopped working

    Suddenly a couple fo days ago. Outgoing links aren't working, but they seem to function OK on the receive side. I repaired permissions. No new apps other than an iPhone.
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    can't scan or "PC" fax w/MF4350

    Leopard MacPro 5G. ScanGear won't install to be useable for some reason. I installed the current drivers and apps from Canons website. Print is fine.
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    shut down problems

    MacPro dualie, 5G ram (Rember checked OK) 10.5.1, installed directly w/o SU. Recently I've been having problems shutting down. Usually the symptoms are menu bar and mouse pointer go away, gear spins endlessly. Doesn't happen every time ... yet. Use to be shut down occurred in 10-15 secs. No...
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    Eudora In box corrupt

    After a recent corruption of my In box (never happened until Leo ........ I know I know, but I really, until now like Eu) I changed prefs to using old style .toc's and leaving messages on the server for 15 days. Even with these changes my In has once again gone corrupt. Removing the .toc and...
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    sharing via wire vs wifi

    connecting wifi from my G4 pbook running Tiger at home office, to MacPro running Leo, instantaneous. Connecting via ethernet or firewire, forever. Even when trying to "connect as..." WiFi transfer, slow. Firewire transfer, fast. has anyone an idea what I might change to connect faster...
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    Eudora In box disappears

    When shut down earlier today, got hung up, so I forced down by holding the power key. I had quit everything before power down. I launched Eudora this evening (6.2 w/10.5.1, been fine for a week or so that I've been in Leo). In box lost all the previous messages that were still held there...
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    ssh & VNC problems w/Leopard

    Having trouble getting in with Transmit and CVNC. This all worked fine under Tiger, so I'm sure I'm missing a setting somewhere. But what? Transmit goes a minute or so then says "Permission denied". CVNC spins until I force quit. In Security and Sharing I've allowed, printer (for my...
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    importing Safari bookmarks to IE under Parallels

    I've exported the html bookmark file, but Windows XP under Parallels won't recognize the file. Any hints?
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    disc burning problem

    I use the app iBackup monthly since my total needed files are under a CD in size (590M). Every now and then (like now), Finder says I need a disc double the size of the file (or thereabouts) to Burn to. The CDRWs are 650M. Eventually, it burns, later that day or week or whatever. I've...
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    2G dual core Pro - no external speaker sound

    I've tried every config I can think of with Sound pref and Audio Midi, still can't get sound out the line out on the back to my ext speakers. Speakers work fine elsewhere. Even after muting the internal speaker in sound prefs, system sounds still exit there. Ideas?
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    odd DIY CD problem

    every time I put in a DIY CD that doesn't have iTunes or CDDB titles on it , the CD name and song titles that come up are from some other older DIY CD, both in iTunes and Finder. Not necessarily the same title in both and not necessarily the same title every disc. I'd be happy just to have...
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    Brohter ink jet refill?

    my mom has a Brother MFC 5840. It has a LC41HYBK. I can't tell if this is just a bigger cart or has different ink. In any case, the price I find for it,even at the discounters, is mid $20s. Screw that! All the other carts for it are $5 or less. I found the carts for my Canon for $5 or less...
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    back up CD method?

    I want to make a CD back up of the docs folder and some library items. Is there a way to make a "stationary"/template either in Toast or OSX that backs up the items in the enclosed folders and keeps updated for those back ups? IE: I made a Toast 6 file that was all the items I wanted...
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    dual enclosure preoblem - FW/USB

    I've got this WD 120G Caviar 7200 rpm drive. I stick it in a FW/USB enclosure. I've tried setting the jumper for slave, master, neutral and single. I haven't tried cable, but it doesn't seem to make sense to try that. Works fine in FW, especially in Neutral, very fast mount. But it won't mount...
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    CD burning Tiger problem

    dualie G5. X.4.3 With my old guy, a G3, I'd drag n drop folders or items from folders, then click burn and all was well. There was a point during each burn when I'd be asked to authorize the burn, as some of the stuff was from the User/Lib. I've tried this same approach a couple times...
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    Tiger burn problems

    dualie G5. X.4.3 I'm using "iBurn" as I did with my G3 that ran X.3.8 I'd drag n drop folders or items from folders, then click burn and all was well. There was a point during each burn when I'd be asked to authorize the burn, as some of the stuff was from the User/Lib. I've tried...
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    remote access

    I had been able to use Transmit to access my Mac from elsewhere. But my ISP no longer provide me with a static IP. Do I have any other options without a static IP?