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    JavaScript return false

    Hey guys, I need some JavaScript help. In this JavaScript application I was stopping the browser from following the href like so (the "return false;" is what stops the link): <a href="" id="appleLink" onclick="someFunction(); return false;">Random Test</a> Since...
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    Extra usable login form

    Hi all, I've been working on a way to make login forms a little better to use. The average form requires the user to type a login name and password then hit submit. If the user name was typed incorrectly, the user must wait for the error page to download and render before finding out they...
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    Sending POST with Flash

    Hi all, I am making a Flash site (yeah I know, Flash, blah) for a clothing store. You can go to the site, select the color and size of a certain shirt in Flash, then hit the add to cart button. I need the Flash button to send data through the POST method to paypal (I have the field names that...
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    160GB Hard Drives for sale.

    I have 2, 160GB Western Digital Hard Drives. 7200rpm, 8MB cache. These are brand new. Not refurbished. The boxes were never opened. The MSRP for these bad boys are $159 each. I am asking for $80(or the highest bid). They are going on eBay in one week. If you have any questions...
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    Loading .txt in Flash

    I am getting this in the dynamic text field instead of the actual text file: "_level0.stageContent.descriptionText" The root flash file loads another flash file into a movie clip. The movie clip has the dynamic text field, which loads the text file. I'm guessing the load within a load is...
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    Ata/33 -- Ata/66

    I bought a new HD for my G4 400mhz(Yikes!). So I had an extra 12GB HD not being used. So my dad took it work to put it in his dual 533mhz G4. The 12GB HD was ATA/33, but the other drive in his dual is ATA/66. Will the ATA/33 drive not work in his work machine? thanks.
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    Guitar + Mac ?

    Hi, I just ordered iLife '04... I was wondering what I need to get my guitar plugged into my Mac for recording. Thanks.
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    Flash Expert Needed !

    I need some help with Flash. I decided to make a band website in Flash... In Scene-1, I have the text "News" first converted to a Movie Clip Symbol, then that was converted to a Button Symbol. Scene-1 > MovieClip > Button. The reason I did that was so I could have animation on a rollover...
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    Another, hey guys, check out nummi's new site thread.

    A new season is coming up, I just could not help myself. What do you think ::love::
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    Darwin in VPC

    I was wondering if anyone has Darwin x86 running inside of VPC. I would love to try it out. But I dont know how to install it. I have the Darwin x86 downloaded onto my PowerBook... the file is "opendarwin-6.6.1.x86.iso.gz". thanks.
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    rc script ?

    If I have a command that needs to be run on startup after everything else has loaded, which rc script to I add it to? I need to run: route add -net after everything else has loaded in order for my computer to connect to the network properly.
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    Formac vs Apple

    I am just wondering if anyone has used a Formac 17" display. I need to pick between that and the 17" Apple display. ForMac has better specs than the Apple displays, but I would still like someone's opinions.
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    Dead screen on 15" powerbook ?

    Hi, I need help with a Powerbook G4 15". I'm not sure what speed it is... A teacher brought it up to me with 2 problems: 1. no screen at start-up. 2. He could not get the OSX install CD out. number 2 is solved (hold down the mouse button) but I cannnot figure out why the screen wont turn...
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    login message...

    terminal message See the text "Happy GNU Year", and the text below it? In OS X I think it says "Welcome to Darwin!". Anyone know where this file is stored? Thanks.
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    Login times...?

    Is there a way to find out how long a user has been logged in? Over a period of a week/month? At school we get a monthly report of how long a user was logged in. We have a FreeBSD server and everyone uses Nifty Telnet to login over the network. But I want to able to see this info on my OS X...
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    Gnome on OSX ?

    I used search and could not find any info on Gnome for OS X on this forum, so I am starting this thread. I am sorry if this topic has already been beaten with a stick. I want to be able to start Gnome after I login as >console. Can someone at least point me in the right direction? thanks.
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    Another whatcha think thread...

    Whatcha think? thanks,
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    ouchie... Mac gets crushed. (sorry if someone else posted this)
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    web colors...

    HELP ME. I export an image(lets say a gif) in Photoshop or image ready. and the main color in it is "#98C5DF". I set the bgcolor of the HTML file to "#98C5DF". When I view the page on a different computer... the gif color and the BG color are slightly different. It's like imageready...
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    Halo 2 !

    sorry if someone already posted this. Halo 2 has been announced! for screenshots !