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  1. fintler

    How to compile stuff

    I posted this earlier over on apple's discussion boards...any suggestions to make it better? How to Compile Stuff By Jonathan Bringhurst Initial Draft - August 21st 2002 First off, lets go into what it means to compile a program. When you get one or more files that contain source code...
  2. fintler

    New boot screen in 6c106

    My other post about 6c106 got deleted..oh's a simple screenshot hosted elsewhere of the new boot screen...
  3. fintler

    new dev tools with 6c106 :)

    it's about also says this build is well developed and that you can start using it to test out your's getting insanely close to gm....I'm hearing rumors of it being 6c108...I attached a pdf with the seed notes onto this post for those lacking adc mailing access...
  4. fintler

    Console apps just kick ass

    I've been happy with os x since dp2 when it still had the theme of mac os x server, I have to agree that other than them taking away the rip off menus it was improved since then. I've successfully copied the debug compilers from darwin and have gotten both cc & egcs to run fine. So far...
  5. fintler

    Don't use telnet!

    It kind of annoys me that apple still doesn't have sshd running by default. OpenSSH is installed, but it is not set up to bind to port 22 and allow connections. Instead, apple defaults to the most insecure 1980's way of connecting to a computer with telnetd...get a clue apple...sshd compiled...
  6. fintler

    Drop Into the Consol

    Here's a simple way to drop into single user mode (kill X & other net services) and just have the console on your whole screen (no gui) just type 'shutdown now -h'. Yes, this is a bug, it should shut down your computer, but instead changes the runlevels dropping you into console. To start X...